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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knight Dreams by C. C. Wiley

Knight Dreams: Knights of the Swan, Book 1 by C. C. Wiley
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (211 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

For king and country…or the love of one woman?

Knights of the Swan, Book 1

Wales, 1415

Terrwyn, the daughter of a dispossessed Welsh lord, is blessed with unusual talents. Her skill with a bow and cursed ability to dream the future, however, didn’t save her younger brother from conscription into the English army.

To honor a deathbed promise, she sets out to bring him home—and discovers that one of the king’s knights holds the key to locating her brother. Now she must stay close to her sworn enemy…and try to ignore the growing heat between them. A difficult task, when they wind up manacled together.

Sir James Frost, confidante to King Henry V, can trust no one, particularly the young Welsh maiden impersonating an archer within the ranks. With treason brewing, the last thing he needs is the secretive beauty chained to his side. The connection between them, though, becomes stronger than any links of metal.

When an assassination plot places their lives in jeopardy, James is torn between duty and the woman he loves. He must choose where his fealty lies…and Terrwyn must decide if changing Fate is worth the price.
“You shall surely be taken to the faeries for eternity for the lies you tell.” If this is true, faerie land will be well populated with characters from KNIGHT DREAMS.

Spying, traitorous acts, disguises, and secrets abound in this story, filling it with intrigue and suspense. Everyone seems to be hiding something...

From the poverty-stricken Welsh village to the throne of Henry V, Terrwyn finagles her way among the deceits, even using them at times in her determination to find her brother Drem that was taken by the English while he was in her care six years earlier. Terrwyn, a excellent archer, a Welsh chieftain’s daughter, a beauty with an elfin face, a defiant manner, and a passion for life, treads a dangerous path.

Major James Frost, whose first allegiance is to King Henry V, spies for Henry while with a group of soldiers in Wales. When he and Terrwyn end up shackled together, they devise a way to escape and set both their lives on a new path.

Many secondary characters, even those not mentioned often have pivotal roles in events that enhance the plot and build suspense. The delightful Gilbert and Adian are intrepid little characters that influence events for a moment in time.

As Terrwym and James find their way from adversaries to lovers amid the conflicts and politics, the adventures, the love scenes, and the never-ending need to look out for each other makes fascinating reading.

C. C. Wiley enchants with admirable imagery and a compelling writing style. All the characters of significance are satisfactorily accounted for before the story ends. Even though traumatic times have been endured along the way, the promise of living happily-ever-after looks bright.

This is a wonderful 15th century romance with a touch of history and imagery that thrills the senses.