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Monday, October 12, 2009

Jaguar Moon by Linda Palmer

Jaguar Moon by Linda Palmer
Publisher: Wild Horse Press
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Paranormal
Length: Full (257 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Livvie Merrick hates the psychic gifts that make her different and cause nothing but trouble in her life. That's especially true when she has a vision that the school's star quarterback will break his leg. Naturally Livvie warns him--a warning misconstrued as a curse when it comes true. That makes for a lonely senior year until Alex Sawyer moves to town. Livvie is quickly lost in his big blue eyes. And though it's clear that Alex is as attracted to her, she knows the day will come when he finds out what a freak she really is. What neither of them knows is that Alex is different, too, and the psychic gifts Livvie despises may be exactly what she needs to save him.

Linda Palmer takes her heroine, Olivier Merrick, and turns her from her self-proclaimed image of ‘misfit’ to charming, intelligent and brave young heroine in the course of the story.

Livvie faces several challenges from learning how to cope as a new member of the school Welcome Team, to coping with her growing attraction to Alex Sawyer, the new boy in school. She’s delighted when Alex ignores his classmates and refuses to belittle her because of her mother interest in the metaphysical. Livvie goes to extraordinary lengths to hide her ‘special gifts’ from everyone around her, but unknowingly Alex penetrates her guard.

Linda Palmer creates a vivid and energetic school environment and weaves complex background into both her main characters. A vast cast of extended family blend with the theme and add colour and emotion to a well paced and structured tale of jealousy, curses, ancient family history and ghosts.

I found it hard to put this book down as I wanted to be assured that Alex and Livvie overcame all the setbacks Linda Palmer put in their paths.