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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hidden Fire by Star Ferris

Hidden Fire by Star Ferris
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (318 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Alexa Chastain is a single career woman who owns a law office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She’s content with her steady, predictable life. That is until she stumbles across Devon Munroe, a tall, hazel-eyed hunk of a businessman who is the legal representative opposing her sister Karyn. Though she’d prefer to ignore the brash, sandy-haired Munroe, she has no choice but to deal with him.

As tempers flare, sexual attraction crackles as Alexa and Devon compete to see who’ll come out on top in a competition involving wills, weddings and familial warfare. Hidden Fire is a novel featuring lightning-quick dialogue, deep sensuality and intriguing characters set in the Rocky Mountains.

More than just a romance, Hidden Fire offers a taste of mystery and suspense in a tale involving the sons of the wealthy Munroe family empire—all set against the backdrop of Pikes Peak in Colorado’s second-largest city.

Needing to have control regardless of the cost exacts a high price, especially when two people with this same need are pitted against each other. Alexa, Karyn’s lawyer sister and Devon, Evan’s lawyer brother need to work out a pre-nuptial agreement for their siblings, but Devon stands firm on his demands that belittle Karyn’s worth as a wife and as a member of the elite Munroe family.

Lawyer Alexa Chastain, an Oklahoma farm girl that “made good”, fights to get her sister a fair deal so marrying Evan, the love of her life, will not deny him his inheritance, while still securing Karyn a respected place in the family after the marriage and a secure future should anything happen to Evan. However, she is up against big money and two unyielding men, Evan’s father that wants a high society, “moneyed” daughter-in-law, and Devon that uses women and does not believe in love. Devon, known as the playboy of the Rockies, uses Machiavellian techniques that infuriate Alexa but her body sifts into overdrive when he is around. That quiet hidden fire deep inside her heart blazes up and refuses to recognize that she despises him.

The tragedies and temperaments in HIDDEN FIRE keep the reader turning pages in search of a break through for these suffering characters.

When the character demanding absolute control gets out of control himself, he puts more at risk than he realizes. The emotional pain in this story makes the heart ache for the inner person that has been encased in such unyielding defensive mechanisms that true love cannot seem to find a way to reach the heart and soul that needs love so very much.

Star Ferris’ character development is remarkable and the twists and turns in the plot make this an exciting, albeit emotionally draining story. My goodness, I was so happy to see the happy-ever-after! HIDDEN FIRE did keep me involved to the very last page.