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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Cowboy Plan by Denise Belinda McDonald

The Cowboy Plan by Denise Belinda McDonald
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (155 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Oleander

Big girls don’t cry over a spilled chocolate milkshake—they run like crazy.

Alex Barrett’s all too “real life” sentence is almost over. She’s spent years being a parent to her siblings—and her flaky mother. What was her reward, other than an empty bed? Nothing. And now that she’s almost free, nothing’s exactly what she plans to do. Except have fun.

One minute she’s one of thousands of panting female fans at hotter-than-hot Drew Hartford’s concert. The next, she’s all wet—and so is he. Okay, so it’s only because she dumped a milkshake all over him.

Drew’s meteoric rise to the top of the country charts is fueled by the swooning women who throw themselves at his feet. Alex? She’s different. When their icy paths cross, she doesn’t throw her panties, she beats a hasty retreat. There’s only one way to keep this intriguing lady around long enough to charm her out of those panties: offer her a job she can’t refuse.

Drew may be every female’s definition of a fantasy man, but a paycheck and a roll in the hay do not a relationship make. Besides, Alex is tired of living 24/7 for someone else. Even a someone who’s offering her dreams of happily ever after…

Drew Hartford is a star, an up-and-coming country music star that sings beautiful music and is sexy to boot. So why is it that Alex Barrett is running scared from him? When they meet by chance in a local diner Alex accidentally spills her chocolate milkshake all over him and then makes a run for it. Sparking a little more than a casual interest for Alex he is bound and determined to find out who this beautiful creature is who won’t give him the time of day.

Alex has a family from hell, a slutty older sister who slept with Alex's fiancĂ© and had his baby, a mother who keeps accepting Alex’s handouts but spends the money on herself and her latest escapade into beautification including a recent face lift. Then there is her adorable nephew who is so innocent of all the drama and her younger brother who unbeknownst to Alex is squandering the college tuition money she is struggling to pay for. She's fed up with it all, and tries to get away.

When she drops the shake on Drew she is mortified. She is an original Drewdette, just a fan, not a stalker but on his online fan page she sparks up a conversation with another fan, Andrew. Little does she know that this is actually Drew trying to seek Alex out and Alex is falling for him.

Drew just wanted to be accepted for who he was and not his star status and believes that he has found that in Alex. He hires her on as his band's photographer for a couple of weeks while he heads to Nashville for a fan fair; despite a huge payday, Alex is hesitant but realizes that she can get out of the red, pay her brother's tuition and still have a nice nest egg for herself. She determines to keep her relationship with Drew strictly professional, while he (to the dismay of his bandmates) is equally determined to make Alex fall in love with him.

Love, understanding, patience and acceptance for who you are, these are the theme’s that stand out most in Alex and Drew’s relationship. An addictive story from the beginning I highly recommend The Cowboy Plan if you like a sweet cowboy, spicy sex, and a strong female who can’t resists affection. A truly hot read that will keep you turning the pages until the end.