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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because of You by Mari Carr

Because of You by Mari Carr
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Length: Short (94 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Oleander

Sometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you think.

Jessie’s life is a mess. In the eight hellish months since her husband died in a freak accident, she’s been mugged, her house has been trashed, and now she’s receiving frightening pranks calls. She resists a friend’s offer of a weekend getaway—her grief is still too fresh to consider meeting anyone new.

Then again, since it’s a party for gay men, there won’t be any pressure, right?

ER doctor Caleb James feels perfectly at ease among his gay brother’s friends, but one look at Jessie sparks a sexual tension that’s impossible to ignore. A few drinks and a few hours of conversation later, things move a lot faster than either of them expect. Jessie is left confused and Caleb aches with regret—and love for a woman who is still guarding her heart.

Pressure is the last thing she needs. But as it becomes apparent that her string of misfortunes trace back to her husband’s death, help is what she’s going to get. Caleb’s help…ready or not.

Jessica Warner is heartbroken and numb when she learns of her husband Tommy’s death. Tommy was announced dead at the scene as the police have ruled it accidental, a simple slip and fall on ice and trauma to the head, not to mention the winter temperatures. Not satisfied with the outcome Jessie can’t get that niggling feeling out of her gut that this was no accident and is dead set determined to prove that Tommy was murdered at any cost, even if the price she has to pay is with her own life.

For Jessie, the pursuit for information on Tommy’s death is still getting nowhere fast in proving that he was murdered. The only man who seems to believe her is his client and friend millionaire and successful businessman Jordan Scott. With heavy pushback from his partner Rex, her being mugged and her place being ransacked she heads off out of Denver at the plea of her best friend Todd and his lover Steven. They are off for the weekend to celebrate with an annual party from friend and neighbor Jacob James at Gay Fest. Feeling a since of relief surrounded by all gay men Jessie puts her guard down and meets the loveable and gentle ER doc Caleb James.

One one-night stand later and the two are forever connected, as Jessie gets pregnant with Caleb’s child. Caleb is falling in love with the resilient Jessie but she is so overcome by proving Tommy was murdered that their relationship is set aside. Jessie is too head strong at times for her own good as well as her own safety, risking her new love for Caleb as well as her life in this endless quest for the killer.

Fast paced and riveting, you'll turn the pages desperately rooting for Jessie to find it in her heart to open herself up to Caleb’s love and at the same time find her husband's killer. Caleb and Jessie’s love for each other is refreshing and beautiful as it grows from page to page with persistance on Caleb’s part to stand by Jessie while she continues to put her life on the line at whatever cost.

Author Mari Carr has created a truly wonderful story that is intriguing, sexy and at times humorous, with strong central characters and a brilliant supporting cast. I will be looking for more from this author, whose stories I crave to read more about.