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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Man's Love by Cheryl A. Cornell

Another Man's Love by Cheryl A. Cornell
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (210 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

The third Sunday of every month is open house brunch at the Sheppard home. Travel circumstances leave Tom Hayden accepting an invitation from a stranger. One look at his hostess Corin with her husband unlocks buried emotions, reinforcing his failures.

Leaving her is difficult, but he has no other option, taking with him the first line of a new song: She’s another man’s love, she’ll never be mine. When the situation changes, the reality of their destinies must be put in perspective. Can Corin move forward without guilt? Will the reality of their relationship spoil the dream they’ve been fantasizing about?

ANOTHER MAN’S LOVE, a story of lovers that are a safe haven for each other, taps into the reader’s emotions the moment the door opens to Tom Hayden and Bob upon their arrival at Rand and Corin’s home during a torrential rain on the Carolina coast. That third weekend in February changed Tom Hayden’s life forever.

Tom, a music celebrity on a week’s rest, finds himself with strangers that are just as creative as he is, yet far less stressed. As he sees Corin and Rand interact with each other, he recognizes a love like he has never known. It is a love that leaves the world outside. They are so in sync, and it is evident they come first with each other. Tom sees this. He also sees how they give abundantly to work, friends, and family. He acknowledges that his music always came before his two ex-wives. He had not cared enough to put them first.

Corin, a successful artist, has layers and layers to her personality. As the story unfolds, she propels the action along with the grace of an accomplished hostess and a self-sufficient individual. However, she has fought and continues to fight the darkness in her life that overwhelmed her at one time and threatens to do so again after Rand dies.

Bob, the cousin, has always protected and watched over her like a loving brother while bringing his own style of humor into events. He introduced Tom to Corin and Rand but tells Tom to not distract her after Rand’s death but allow her to work through her grief in her own time frame.

The respect for each other’s boundaries that Tom, Corin, Rand, and Bob show makes them all memorable in a very positive way.

The symbolism and imagery enhance the story and add depth to the characters. Cheryl A. Cornell’s character development is exceptional; making the reader fell as if she is in the immediate presence of the characters as they laugh together, and as they share their deepest needs with each other.

Events in ANOTHER MAN’S LOVE linger in the mind and heart long after the last word is read. This remarkable romance is a joy to read.