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Monday, October 19, 2009

Angel with a Ray Gun by Deborah Kinnard

Angel with a Ray Gun by Deborah Kinnard
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Short (131 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Matt Greenlee has managed to mix an active ministry with his secret life as a science fiction writer. When he's assigned a new -- female -- editor, Matt senses disaster. What sort of damage will she do his next bestseller? And once he sees her, he wonders what kind of damage she could do to his heart.

AJ Mercer edits books for a living, and she's good at it. But, Pastor Matt is a challenge as an author, and as a man, even more so. Her wingy, crystal-power, anything-goes mother advises her to go with the flow. AJ's offbeat upbringing has left her wary of both Christianity and men, but she's attracted to her client. The gloves are off -- his biases versus her need for success.

When these two mix it up over a book, can they find happiness, either loving or literary?

This book surprised me in as much that is doesn't follow the expected route down which many inspirational writers travel.

In this gritty story Deborah Kinnard takes the religous aspect of her characters and weaves real human frailties into all of them. From a practicing senior pastor to a non-christian, she deals with the conflicts this creates within the community.

Having introduced us to most of the church Elders, she then turns their moralistic attitudes and faith upside down when they are swayed by information offered by another member of their congration. They come across as real people with real short comings we see in everyday life. Judgements made, assumptions reached, wrong decisions made in the name of faith that require acknowledgement and reporation. It's all there in this story.

The power of her writing ensures her readers are with her heroine and hero every step of the way. Whather you are a Christian or not, this book is a skillful blend of faith and reality. Of trust and acceptance. And to do this, she has created a fiesty heroine in A J Mercer. She knows what she wants and what to do to achieve it. Until, that is, her meeting with Matt Greenlee.

Senior Pastor, Matt Greenlee is doing what he has been called to do, and loving every moment of it. He enjoys a great relationship with his church congessmen and his congregation, but he's witholding information – lying by ommision. And that lie comes back to bite him. Will it bite him hard enough to destroy his new goal in life?

Don't be in a hurry to dismiss this book if Inspirational is not your normal reading. It will challenge and entertain you in equal measure and one for the 'keepers' shelf'.