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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thick Black Line by Judah Raine

Thick Black Line by Judah Raine
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary / Suspense
Length: Full (315 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Bo Carmichael has drawn a thick black line around her heart, and with good reason. She has worked hard to overcome the anguish of betrayal and the devastation it wreaked in her family's lives, and she's now close to realizing her dreams. There simply isn't place in this equation for emotional entanglements, especially not with Nic Sinclaire, the only man who has the ability to breach her defenses.

From their first encounter, an impossible chemistry rages between them – a crackling heat that threatens to melt the ice surrounding her.

A bizarre twist makes Nic a constant companion and self-appointed protector. As Bo's barriers shift and crumble, she can no longer ignore the powerful emotions his proximity evokes…

Boundaries, whether they are physical, emotional, or psychological, give the boundary setter a sense of control and security. However, when pheromones begin to dance back and forth across these boundaries the lines do become blurred.

Bo Carmichael has boundaries, thick black lines, that her business associates and her family respect. Her hard-won business acumen benefits them all. Her intense energy and her focus on their new, big project enliven the boardroom politics as their search for a partner to invest and manage the construction side of the project begins.

Unequivocal, strong-willed, and shrewd in business, Bo is a powerhouse. Her personal life is another story. No one gets close to her since Dario. No one breaches the strong wall she has erected until she sees Dominic Sinclaire in the boardroom with his sister Andrea. She recognizes him as the rogue he is and as person much like herself. An irresistible force and immovable object are on a collision course.

Nic (Dominic), an architect and “doer”, has no patience with boardroom politics and leaves the maneuvering to his sister Andrea, a natural boardroom animal. But, he is intrigued by Bo Carmichael. He challenges her boundaries. Wisely, he only fuzzes the black lines then backs off but returns to fuzz them again and again until her sees an enchanting side of Bo only to have it disappear into a cold guarded place when Dario comes on the scene. Angry, frustrated, and confused, Nic retreats until he sees Bo’s desperation so thinly veiled by determination courage as she fights against tremendous odds. He joins the fray on her side to stand against a formidable foe.

As they face danger and unravel clues, the restraint both Bo and Nic use by not acting on their strong desire for each other adds new dimensions to their personalities.

Judah Raine tells an exciting story. Dialogue paragraphing slows reading momentum at times but not enough to detract from the story. The imagery, the wonderful character development so full of energy and intrigue along with the remarkable love lived and revealed enhances a compelling plot. The “bad guys” certainly give the “good guys” a run for their money. They are indeed antagonists to be reckoned with before we can see a happy-ever-after. Superb reading!