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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shear Magic by Lori Avocato

Shear Magic by Lori Avocato
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (200 pages)
Heat: Sweet/Sensual
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Lily

In this classic romance story, a conservative rancher and a free-spirited photographer are forced to share more than a common lake in the steamy New Mexico desert. There they must decide--are wealth and property worth more than love? Becky Chambers becomes a fish out of water when she and Slate Lawson learn they have both inherited half of the same ranch in New Mexico--now they must learn what is really important in life.

Lori Avocato snips away at the tired romance novel and shapes a new tale of love with barely a hair to spare in Shear Magic. Two completely different individuals are thrown together by a will and an old man’s instincts about the direction their lives should take.

Becky Chambers, hair dresser and surrogate mom, living down a dismal past, suddenly finds herself half owner in a New Mexico ranch.

Slate Lawson, rancher, cynic, and workaholic, finds he can’t live down his past, but he’ll try. Oh, how he’ll try in order to protect his one true love—his ranch.

Becky, full of life, runs headfirst into the hard-muscled, conservative rancher. Living under the same roof, working on the same ranch, and suffering the same hate/love for each other makes life nearly impossible, but a set of unexpected twin lambs, an innovative idea or two, and dimples too cute to overlook, force them to contemplate possibilities they wouldn’t even have considered just a day or two before.

Ms. Avocato weaves a tight tale of romance and delivers a cut above the others. Enjoy this quick read with an eye to future sales by an author sure to provide. You won’t be sorry you made an appointment with her. Be sure to make another when her next book appears.