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Monday, September 21, 2009

Secrets of the Past by Tatiana March

Secrets of the Past by Tatiana March
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary / Mystery
Length: Full (280 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

After a financial disaster, boutique owner Antonia Henderson flees to America and takes refuge in an isolated country cottage. Kyle McShane, a reclusive neighbor, is captivated by her and reaches out after years of seclusion.

Lonely and frightened, Antonia falls in love with Kyle, but dark rumors about the disappearance of his parents shatter their growing closeness.

Antonia sets out to discover the truth, at the cost of driving Kyle away. At the same time, her own troubles catch up with her. When Antonia realizes her future is at stake, she has no choice but to uncover the secrets of the past.

This amazing love story tells of a love that seems pre-ordained. However, the prologue hints at dark, sinister deeds in time past that much be resolved, while chapter one grabs the reader’s attention with Antonia Henderson’s intense desire to hide from something or someone.

Antonia, on the run for six months, finds herself in the backcountry of Virginia and decides this is an ideal place to hide. With cash running low, she finds work that will pay her cash with no questions asked and begins to build a life quite different from the privileged life she had back home. Before long, she learns some hard truths about herself.

Kyle McShane, a recluse that had owned the old cottage Antonia bought, is an enigma to her. He lives in the old mansion around the bend in the road and is the subject of whispered gossip in the community. She feels a connection with him on their first meeting. She also sees the need and desire in his eyes, yet, he does not talk to her even though he works to make her life more comfortable by doing repairs to the cottage. Later, he does even more to ease the way for her without her knowing it.

Kyle and Antonia are both intriguing individuals coping with issues that have put their lives on hold. Antonia finally gains enough inner strength to face her past and come to terms with what she must do before being able to move on. She’s determined to help Kyle face his past—a past that has isolated him for 20 years and has him living with horrifying memories that make him fear his own genes.

Tatiana March creates a suspenseful, mysterious love story with unique love scenes, beguiling imagery, and secondary characters, some long dead, that add depth to the plot.

“Imagined truth” and “real truth” jockey for control of the characters’ minds. Only when the “real truth” is faced, can Kyle and Antonia move on with their lives.

SECRETS OF THE PAST is a gripping tale that keeps the reader turning pages.