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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Running on Fear by Linda Lattimer

Running on Fear by Linda Lattimer
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Full (205 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Will the search for her sister's killer lead to Melanie's happy-ever-after?

Melanie Bishop warned her sister Allison not to marry Riley. Now left with her niece and nephew to care for, Melanie learns that Allison never made it to the honeymoon.

FBI Agent Duncan McGregor is undercover working Allison's case, and Melanie will do anything to nail her sister's killer -- including marrying Duncan to help the investigation.

As they work together to find Riley and build a case against him, a deadly threat from Duncan's past threatens to destroy their newfound happiness. Can Duncan keep Melanie and the kids safe while bringing a killer to justice?

A marriage that starts out being part of an undercover operation becomes much more when Melanie Bishop loses her virginity and her heart to Duncan McGregor. As McGregor and his team of special agents work to keep Melanie, her niece, and nephew safe after Melanie’s sister is killed, they find themselves often on the move with the “bad guys” seemingly always aware of where they are.

Melanie’s orderly life as a therapist is turned upside down when she arranges to take a month off to take care of her sister Allison’s two children, Tiffany who is 13 years old and Matthew who is 11 years old. Melanie is practical, professional, and compassionate. She stands by family and friends when they seem to be in deep trouble even if it is of their own making. However, she is in strange territory and unsure of herself as her involvement with Duncan McGregor sets her emotions jangling.

Hardened by his work and the death of his wife, Duncan McGregor has no plans for a truly personal involvement with Melanie, Tiffany, and Matt. However, he forgot to tell his heart.

Linda Lattimer takes the reader on a roller coaster ride as she laces activities of the “play-like” McGregor family with actions of the criminals involved in drugs, porn, prostitution, etc. The many clues and red herrings add a special touch to this suspenseful tale. The antagonists that come to light as the story progresses add tension, surprise, and horror to the ever-present danger that threatens to destroy this make-believe family that isn’t so make believe any more.

RUNNING ON FEAR keeps the reader alert and looking over every character’s shoulder for the enemy—exciting reading with lots of surprises.