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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Riches by Michele Galindez

Riches by Michele Galindez
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary / Suspense
Length: Full (329 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Determined to complete her father's last request, Sidney Bransin travels to the island of Guam. Mysteries, kidnapping and new family ties are all a part of her world now. She hires Nick Delmario, a handsome private detective, who not only helps unravel the secret, but releases a yearning Sidney had almost given up.

It's clear Sidney's in trouble and Nick is more than willing to help. Sidney has to decide if she can handle the secrets of the past or if she'll have to let go of a love too rich to loose.

The exotic setting of RICHES appears to be paradise but danger lurks there for Sidney Bransin when she inadvertently stumbles into an illegal but lucrative business.

Sidney has always tried to do the right thing. After her father dies, she sets out to fulfill his last request. She is out of her depth when she arrives in Guam, where the language is foreign to her, her luggage goes on to Korea, and she doesn’t know a single person on the island.

Not a person prone to make proactive decisions, Sidney relies on strangers whom she hopes she can trust to help her. These early events set in motion as string of events that she reacts to but she can’t seem to take control of her life so she can complete her mission and go back home to Ohio. She even blacks out at times when things get too stressful.

Nickalous Delmario, the detective Sidney hires, tries to protect and help her as they stumble into one mess after another. He is a handsome Filipino man that comes from a wealth family. Even though he is crazy about Sidney, he uses restraint waiting for Sidney to make a decision about where their relationship will go or if it will just dissolve when she goes back to the states. All the while, he uses his connections to unravel the mystery of Sidney’s father’s last request and the people it involves. In so doing, he stirs up a lethal “hornet’s nest” that puts both him and Sidney in mortal danger.

The telling rather than showing in places along with side trips on other issues in the story slows the momentum and takes the tension out of the suspense at times. Some misused words take the reader out of the moment in the story. However, the plot is intriguing. It takes the reader into a unique environment where Sidney, so out of her comfort zone, gains a gradual awareness that helps her make the most important decision of her life and helps her become a proactive individual that takes control of her life.

RICHES is a love story and a story of maturation with some hair raising happenings along the way.