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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Night to Remember by Mary Eason

A Night to Remember by Mary Eason
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (182 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

In a moment in time, Emma Dupre’s life is changed forever by a chance encounter with a stranger on a cold deserted night. Emma reached out to Kyle Sabian for comfort when the loss of her best friend became impossible to bear alone.

Kyle Sabian wasn’t expecting to meet the woman of his dreams that night in Expect, Colorado. But when he runs into Emma on the deserted mountain road leading to his home, Emma becomes a fantasy no other woman could ever hope to touch.
Emma Dupree reaches out to a stranger for comfort when her dearest friend since childhood dies after a long battle with leukemia. On a cold, snowy night in the Colorado Mountains, she wants the peace of oblivion. Instead, she gets a new perspective on life albeit unintentional.

Seeking escape from one of the nastiest weeks of his life and his disillusionment with love and women, Kyle Sabian takes what she offers. He is upfront with her about it being just a one-night stand. She takes him at his word and leaves while he sleeps.

Each of them, with deep hurts in heart and soul, needs something from the other and accepts where they stand with each other. However, two years later, they meet again. Both Emma and Kyle realize the need for the passion of that night and the longing for each other has influenced life for the past two years. How they cope with how they feel,what was said, and what happened that night makes spellbinding reading.

Mary Eason, with incredible description, subtle actions, and poignant love scenes, creates a world for the hero and heroine that excludes the secondary characters for the most part. The reader gets to vicariously experience the emotional upheavals that run the gamut. Also, description of some settings is so real one can feel the cold and wet of the Colorado winter storm and the warmth of Kyle’s picturesque home.

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER is a story to remember—a story of a true love that endures. Good!