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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Midnight Effect by Pamela Fryer

The Midnight Effect by Pamela Fryer
Publisher: Samhain
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Paranormal
Length: Full (165 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

A wounded cop. A frightened woman. A desperate race to save a child in danger…

In a single phone call, Lily Brent’s entire life—past and future—becomes foggy with confusion and danger. Her estranged sister is dead, and the body is lacking one definitive mark: a surgery scar from the kidney Lily thought she’d donated to her sister long ago.

There’s more than a mystery on her hands. There’s a niece she never knew she had, and a madman on her trail who’s hell-bent on getting the child back.

When a beautiful woman crashes her car into his remote mountain gas station, followed closely by a man with a silencer-equipped pistol, three years of inactive duty fall away as Miles Goodwin springs into action. He saves Lily and her golden child, but nothing can save him from the painful reminder of the family he lost. Retreating to his emotional coma, however, isn’t an option; they’re far from safe.

There’s something strange about a six-year-old girl who’s never eaten a hamburger or heard of Tinkerbell—and who seems to be the source of psychic phenomena so powerful, someone’s willing to kill to get her back.

Miles Godwin does not want to live while Lily is doing her “dead-level” best to keep Annie and herself alive. Thrown together in a horrific wreck, the three of them run for their lives when a gun shot whizzes by Lily’s head.

Lily, a productive, successful business woman, finds she is out of her depth when faced with killers and kidnappers. Nevertheless, she is determined to protect Annie, her dead sister’s child—a mysterious little girl that stepped right into Lily’s heart at first sight.

Having no experience with love, she is flummoxed when her heart does somersaults over Miles, an ex-cop, who makes it quite clear he wants nothing to do with her other than deliver her and Annie to safety. Somewhat of a nerd, she’s had a few dead-end dates that left her feeling undesirable making her uneasy about her attraction to Miles who seems to be in so much emotional pain.

Miles tries to keep his emotional distance while working to keep all three of them alive. He can’t deny his body is very much alive after three years of dormancy. Regardless of his body’s demands, he vows to not be unfaithful to Sara, his dead wife. He even feels guilty about his feelings for little Annie since his own little Michele is dead.

Romance has many obstacles to overcome with Miles and Lily’s wounded spirits and the relentless pursuit of thugs paid by a mad man determine to have Annie and Lily for himself. Romance has some high-powered maneuvering to do before a happy-ever-after can happen.

The love story is certainly rewarding, but Annie is the character that won my heart and kept me up late, turning pages with a racing heartbeat. She is a darling.

Pamela Fryer’s smooth, unobtrusive writing style adds to the enjoyment of this fascinating story that has some horrifying scenes, some miraculous scenes, and some tender scenes that linger in the mind long after the story has been read. GOOD READING!