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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lucky In Love by Carolyn Brown

Lucky In Love by Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary /Western
Length: Full (293 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

When hunky rancher "Lucky Beau" Luckadeau accuses spitfire Milli Torres of stealing his prize bull, she promptly shoots at him, triggering a feud that only gets resolved when they discover they share a steamy hot memory from a night long ago…

It was a night of passion that has always haunted Lucky. The mysterious beauty he seduced at a cousin's wedding disappeared. He's always been lucky at cards, lucky
with cattle, and lucky with land, but he's never been lucky in love.

Now Milli Torres has come to southern Oklahoma to help out on her grandfather's ranch. A cut fence and a big, mean Angus bull in the pasture are bad enough, but then she looks up and sees Beau Luckadeau. Great God Almighty, how did he get from Louisiana to Ardmore, Oklahoma, and what in the hell is she going to do if he recognizes her?

What fun characters to spend time with. Even in adversity, they function with a unique integrity. When they make mistakes, they set to work and make the best of the situation, bringing about amazing results.

Hot-tempered Milli Torres, a dark-haired, brown-eyed Mexican beauty (with anglo ancestors) has a multitude of talents, an admirable work ethic, and remarkable love for her family; but she does not trust men. After being deceived by her fiancé, she gets herself into a situation on one steamy Louisiana night that changes her life forever.

Beau Luckadeau makes a resounding success of the Oklahoma ranch he inherits from his aunt. Even though he is smart, hardworking, and blessed with Nordic good looks, he has no luck with finding a woman to marry that measures up to the one woman that eased his bruised heart and touched his very soul that night after his cousin’s wedding.

Carolyn Brown creates a bevy of delightful and believable characters that have flaws just like real human beings. The adorable Katie Scarlett brings a lingering glow of sunshine to the story and wiggles her way right into the heart with her “ride, peas”. Of course, a couple of characters make the ire rise with their self-centered actions and unconscionable antics.

With her smooth writing style, Carolyn Brown weaves a page-turning story with the actions of these many characters as she gives the reader a glimpse into one type of ranch life in Oklahoma and Texas.

Lucky In Love is a feel-good story with just enough conflict to be breathtaking at times. The delightful humor, the uniquely regional sayings, and the appealing setting along with sassy dialogue bring a true-to-life aliveness to the events, and make this love story enchanting.