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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Long, Hard Ride by Alison Kent

A Long, Hard Ride by Alison Kent
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (210 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Fast Cars. Sizzling Sex.
This is her kind of race!

Cardin Worth is ready to tune up her engine—with Trey, her former crush! However, he’s a Davis—one of her car-racing family’s bitter rivals. But she might be able to create peace, and also get some sizzling sex on the side…

… if Trey pretends to be her fiancĂ©, that is!

Having a little fun on those steamy Southern nights seems like a great idea. Just to patch up the feud, of course. Then Trey’ll be leaving town again—this time for good.

But Cardin s not sure she can relinquish the superheated sex… Because Trey s the most talented, uh, mechanic to ever look under her hood!

From 0–60: Going from “Hello” to “How was it?” doesn’t have to take long!

She can’t figure out why the families are fighting, but if a fake engagement can bring everyone peace, then what’s the harm? He wants peace as well – a piece of Cardin. If the end means he can finally have her in his bed, then maybe the fake engagement isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Want to know more? Then read A Long, Hard Ride!

Some writers write stories about racing and merely scratch the surface. Others write with a heavy technical hand. Ms. Kent’s story is a fun mix of technicality and substance. You know the story takes place at a drag race track, but you aren’t bombarded with details and facts.

I liked the characters in this story. You got a sense of the family that comes with running a track or race team. The members may not be blood, but are treated as such. As with many families, there is also infighting. Ms. Kent writes this story of a bit of bad blood and a touch of mystery in a fashion that captivates the reader from page one. I wished the build-up wasn’t quite so long, but it made the story work, so it wasn’t a total distraction.

As a hero, Trey was brash and cocky, but darn handsome. He wanted Cardin for a long time, but has allowed her to fly just beyond his grasp because of the bad blood. I liked that he didn’t give up. He wanted her and worked like a dog to get her, not only to fall into his bed, but also to fall in love with him. When he made love to her the reader could feel the passion in every action.

Cardin made an interesting heroine. She wanted the bad blood to dissipate in order to move on with her life, except that her family, with its fair share of kooky characters, always managed to clip her wings. I liked her determination to be with Trey despite his family connections because she really did want to be with him. She wanted the sham to be the truth. Gotta give the girl props for going after the man she loved.

If you want a fun read with a twist of racing that will get your heart pumping, then you want to read A Long, Hard Ride.