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Monday, September 14, 2009

His Weekend Proposal by Alexa Grayson

His Weekend Proposal by Alexa Grayson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Heat: Sweet
Length: Full (167 pages)
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

When fledging London reporter, Lindsay Wyngate, is handed the assignment of her life – to write an article about handsome oil magnate Trevor Carlton, she is intrigued to learn that the interview requires her to spend a long summer weekend at Trevor’s Yorkshire country estate.

The intrigue intensifies as Trevor escorts Lindsay around the grounds of his rambling estate. Despite a nearly disastrous horseback ride, their mutual attraction deepens at the society event of the summer.

What starts out as a chance to further her career by interviewing a mysterious man, who distrusts her as much as she distrusts him, turns into more. Will Lindsay’s discoveries about Trevor’s private life and business unexpectedly change his life – and hers – forever?

Ms Grayson has a terrific turn of phrase that instantly has her readers smiling. The image of Lindsay Wyngate’s phone vibrating off her kitchen countertop while she’s removing her running shoes is an incredible opening shot.

Immediately we have an image of a well educated, energetic heroine, who intends to get to the top of her professional tree. By revealing the heroine’s childhood nickname of "Spunky," Alexa Grayson enhances Lyndsay’s strength of character. She has integrity that is at odds with her reporter’s job in the glitzy world of exclusive celeb interviews.

Her colleagues divide into two camps: those who respect her values, and those who will take advantage of them at the drop of a hat. And the senior reporter for London Life falls into the latter category. So when Lindsay gets an interview with reclusive Trevor Carlton, she doesn’t let an itsy-bitty stomach virus stop her from high-tailing it back from South Africa.

Ms. Grayson reveals Trevor’s wealth and standing in society by sharing Lindsay’s arrival at Carton Petroleum. And before Lindsay and Trevor meet Ms. Grayson throws a spanner into the works, and then just keeps adding more spanners.

If one word will do, Alexa Grayson never uses two, and she picks her words with the skill of a heart surgeon. Just when you think the operation is over, she adds a few more glitches before she stitches up her story.

Alexa Grayson guides her main and secondary characters through the story with a charm and warmth that will beguile her readers.