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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ghost Unlaid by Marie Treanor

Ghost Unlaid by Marie Treanor
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short (108 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Fennel

A rebellious librarian encounters the ghost of an ancient Scottish king...

Rare book specialist, Julie Macbeth is sent to work on the Drummonds' private library in Edinburgh as a punishment. But in fact, she is delighted with the job and fascinated by Lulach, the charming eccentric who appears to live there.

When Lulach claims to be the ghost of a thousand year old king, she's sure that he’s insane. But as she begins to fall in love, it breaks her heart to know that she should do everything in her power to lay his spirit to rest at last.

This may be a short story but it’s a keeper and worthy of the Best book rating I am giving.

It opens with conflict between Julie Macbeth and her new boss at the National Library. From there it segues seamlessly into the paranormal with a dash of historical faction. Marie Treanor’s writing is poignant and sensual. Her characters are totally believable and her research into the various facets of this polished gem add a depth to Julie and Lulach. She uses beguiling dialogue to build a story that is laced with charm, elegance, and sensuality.

Her wordmanship is awesome and she brings the Townhouse Library to life to the point you can almost smell the old books. Can almost follow Julie’s fingers as they caress the old leather covers. Julie’s love of books and the character’s between the pages. And yet… Julie is no dreamer. She’s fixed in the day-to-day reality of life and the schemes of ‘mice and men’ that use a woman to further their own position in life. She’s no longer interested in finding a lafe-time mate, husband, partner or companion. She’s decided work is her panacea and convinces herself that is all she needs to be content. But when fate decrees Lulach’s future is in her hands, she tackles the problems head-on.

Ms treanor’s description of Lulach’s voice is awesome ‘And of course, his voice was a melter too, curiously deep and soft at the same time, his accent definitely Scottish, yet with a hint of something exotic and unknown.’

This is a charming book and will always have a place on my ‘shelf’.