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Monday, September 7, 2009

Choices Meant For Kings by Sandy Lender

Choices Meant For Kings: Book II of the Choices Trilogy by Sandy Lender
Publisher: ArcheBooks Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Full (558 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

There’s no doubt: Chariss is in danger. Her geasa is hampered by the effects of a friend’s marriage. The dashing Nigel Taiman hides something from her, yet demands she stay at his family’s estate where he and her wizard guardian intend to keep her safe. But the sorcerer Lord Drake and Julette The Betrayer know she’s there, and their monstrous army marches that way.

When prophecies stack up to threaten an arrogant deity, Chariss must choose between the dragon that courts her and the ostracized kings of the Southlands for help. Evil stalks her at every turn and madness creeps over the goddess who guides her. Can an orphan-turned-Protector resist the dark side of her heritage? Or will she sacrifi ce all to keep her god-charge safe?

She did it again! Sandy Lender is a treasure for fantasy readers and all other readers who like intriguing, well-told tales. The world she creates, inhabited by mortals, gods, goddesses, wizards, sorcerers, dragons, and monsters, lures the reader into a total spectrum of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual upheavals.

CHOICES MEANT FOR KINGS is the second book of The Choices Trilogy. Reading Book One of the trilogy, CHOICES MEANT FOR GODS, adds depth to the understanding of some things in this second book, but is not necessary for the reader at all.

Since I had read Book I, I felt like I reconnected with old acquaintances and was transported to Onweald and plopped down amid events taking place to fulfill prophecy.

Charliss, now Goddess of War, carries a heavy load but never waivers in her determination to survive and do what is expected of her. Hrazon, her much-loved wizard guardian, has trained her well for her role in the fulfilling of a scary prophecy.

Nigel loves Charliss with all his heart. He just wants to manage the family estate and be a simple farmer with Charliss as his wife by his side. However, his part in the course of events makes him a power to be reckoned with both in the mortal world and in the supernatural world.

The tragedies in Nigel’s family are heartbreaking as they serve to spiral the plot to war with the evil Julette and Drake. But, among all the misery and frantic preparation for war, humorous events are woven into the story to give some comic relief when their world looks so out of control. The Master and Henry, totally opposite characters, serve to entertain in very different ways--ways that tickle one’s sense of humor.

The multitude of fasinating characters are too plentiful to tell about in a review, but Malachi and Mahsilette are two of the most compelling and mysterious and, of course, Shadow should not be overlooked. Their influence in Charliss’ life looms big as we look forward to Book III of The Choices Trilogy.

CHOICES MEANT FOR KINGS goes right beside CHOICES FOR GODS with a place left for Book III of The Choices Trilogy in my collection—can’t wait to get all three so I can read them straight through. Sandy Lender has written another KEEPER.