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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain by Tessa Radley

Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain by Tessa Radley
Publisher: Harlequin (Silhouette)
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (179 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Turned from best man to baby's guardian in one shocking moment, bad-boy billionaire Connor North intended to stake his claim. If maid-of-honor Victoria Sutton wanted any part in the child's life, she would have to play by the billionaire's rules. So Victoria moved into Connor's mansion. She even agreed to become his wife. And despite her initial disdain for the powerful businessman, she eventually succumbed to his charms.

The bond they formed—to the baby and to each other—was an outcome neither had expected. But would a surprising truth destroy all they had finally found?

Sometimes even the best people have to deal with hardship – it’s how you deal with hardship that determines your character. For Victoria and Connor, they have to deal with loving a child they didn’t produce and manage to find middle ground in the process. Want to know more? Read Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain.

Ms. Radley’s novel is a definite heart string puller. Before he gets a chance to really know his parents, Dylan loses them. As the godparents, Victoria and Connor are asked to bring up the slack. It takes a special kind of person to care for someone else’s child. Ms. Radley writes this story in a sweet yet contemporary voice that grabs the reader from page one.

Connor makes a striking hero. He knows what he wants at any given time and is willing to be cutthroat in order to see his plans through. He’s handsome and he knows it, but children also bamboozle him. The reader can identify with this because we all know that one or two men out there who want to love kids, but are afraid the child will break. Although I wished he wasn’t so prone to steamrolling in order to get his way, I could understand the character flaw and loved him more by the end of the story.

Victoria left a bit to be desired as a heroine. True, she loved Dylan more than life itself and she was willing to go through with the sham marriage in order to keep him, I felt her downfall was her distrust. Many women are burned in life by circumstances they have no control of. This helped endear her to the reader, but I felt that her fear of losing Dylan hindered her growth as a person.

This story illustrates the principle that sometimes our live situations are not nearly as difficult as we make them out to be and that with a little understanding and communication, life can be fun.

If you want a breezy read for a long car ride or a lazy fall afternoon, then Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain is the novel for you.