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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Wishing Stone by Allison Smith

The Wishing Stone by Allison Smith
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short(144 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Mistletoe

After the deaths of everyone dear to her, Lara Miller has lost all hope of finding a love that lasts...until she meets the man who can literally love her forever.

Lifetimes ago, Lord Lucien Saint was brought to the existence of eternal night by a vengeful, jealous female with fangs. For centuries, he has searched for the cure to his cursed reality and finds it in the one woman who can love only him.

Together, Lucien and Lara must fight the demons of his past that threaten to tear them apart for all eternity.

The Wishing Stone is a story of love and adoration. Lucien has loved Lara from the first day he saw her. He has kept his distance for many a year because of what he is and what he perceives himself to be. Lara is a young woman who has gone through many trials in her life. When she finally loses her last and only friend Edna, Lucien springs into action, making sure she is taken care of.

After the death of Edna, Lara takes a vacation at what she thinks is Edna’s property. In fact, she shares the grounds with Lucien. They enjoy each other’s company so well that at one point while Lara is out shopping she finds a small stone in a shop and considers buying it for Lucien. The shopkeeper tells her it will grant the right owner’s wishes. Lara decides that it is such a beautiful stone, and has such a wonderful story to go with it, that she would like to give it to Lucien as a reminder of her stay.

Both Lucien and Lara must come to terms with their pasts and who they are. Each must learn how to live in the now and how to carry on. Together Lara and Lucien must learn to trust each other and fight for the love they share. With the help of friends they must fight off enemies and in return help those friends find love.

I enjoyed watching the love enfold between Lucien and Lara. The hard won fight they put up for their love was a beautiful read. Both Lara and Lucien are great characters in their own right as well. As you learn what made Lucien the man he is today, you fall for him just as much as Lara did, and you can’t help but want to fight right along with Lara through all of the trials and pain she has gone through. You admire her for it.

Allison Smith writes a story with a good flow and many diverse characters and wonderful scenery. The reader can get lost in the vivid pictures and may be just as surprised as Lucien or Lara when trouble comes around. You learn to hate Marissa and Lara’s ex-husband just as much as Lucien does when you learn of all the evil they have done and plan to do.

However, I would have enjoyed a little more depth to some of the characters and a bit more interaction between the two main characters, and not as much of the automatic acceptance they give each other.

If you enjoy your books with big and brooding males and spunky females who are willing to fight for their men you will definitely enjoy this one. It has a cast of characters that you learn to love or to hate. The author wraps up all loose ends and plot lines by the end of the story and you are glad to see what happens to all. Maybe even wanting the others to find the love that Lucien and Lara share.