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Thursday, August 6, 2009

When Night Falls by Lauren N. Sharman

When Night Falls by Lauren N. Sharman
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: Best Book
Review by Violet

As a member of a tight-knit, extended family full of tough, sometimes-violent men, Flynn McCassey is no saint. But he is smart. The one his cousins call quiet and mysterious, his keen observation skills allow him to see things that other’s don’t.

Twenty-year-old Missy Grace has lost everyone she’s ever loved. When her best friend, Georgia McCassey, unexpectedly re-enters her life, Missy is presented with an opportunity to start a new life in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Flynn and Missy’s budding relationship comes to a screeching halt with one suspicious phone call. When she announces her need to return to Virginia and her ailing mother, her explanation does nothing to mask her fear. To make sure she stays safe, Flynn offers to drive Missy home. Thrilled by his offer, she accepts his generosity without considering the danger.

Halfway home, the truth comes out…giving Flynn just hours to figure out how to keep Missy alive.

It's well known that the McCassey family sticks together and when you mess with one, you mess with them all. Flynn McCassey is no exception to that rule but instead of jumping into a fight with his eyes closed, Flynn is the total opposite. Flynn is the quiet one who knows how to use his persuasion to draw information from others before they even know it. Flynn McCassey is his name and observation is his game.

Missy Grace is Georgia McCassey's best friend. They did everything together. When Georgia comes up missing and everyone says she ran away, Missy knows it's not true. Then when out of the blue Georgia calls Missy, an exciting reunion is soon to follow. With Missy's mother dead, the chance to start a new life is appealing in more ways than one, that is, until the problems of the past once again present themselves. When Missy has to return to Virginia, Flynn is more than happy to accompany her. Flynn knows something is not right and half way to Virginia, Missy tells Flynn the truth and now Flynn must come up with a plan to make sure Missy stays safe.

The McCasseys are one bad-ass family that I could read about forever. This is book 1 in the McCassey Cousins series. Flynn is the quiet cousin that has the art of persuasion about him that can get him much needed information. I loved getting to know Flynn. He is one of the more quiet members of the family but it's just because he formulates a plan before jumping into the middle of something. I loved the scene when Flynn meets Missy, talk about a moment you will always remember! Missy's character is strong, fun and very determined. A perfect fit for the McCassey clan right from the beginning, I couldn't wait to see how their relationship progressed.

When Night Falls was another action packed read that I just could not put down. The characters in the book were simply spectacular and very well thought out. When Night Falls has a fast moving and captivating plot line and I loved revisiting family members from the previous books in the McCassey Series. It felt like coming home. Each and every book is filled with unruly adventures with a promise of action like no other books I have ever read. The characters are rough around the edges and unbelievably loyal to one another. I can't leave out that each McCassey is just as gorgeous as the previous one. Flynn's story did not dissapoint and I found When Night Falls to be a full bodied stimulating novel.

Ms. Sharman writes books that I create a love/hate relationship with. I love to read them and hate to end them. From the first McCassey book to her latest, I simply cannot get enough of this family. I fully expect to see myself reading about future generations of this family when I'm 90. I look forward to each new book and make it a point to seek out any new information on the books in this series that follow. Ms. Sharman simply cannot write fast enough for me. When you read one McCassey book, you will want to read them all, they are just that good. Ms. Sharman smoothly weaves humor with drama in a highly entertaining way with strong bonds and phenomal action. Ms. Sharman is one of my very favorite authors and I strongly urge you to pick up When Night Falls. When you read this book, you will find yourself addicted and buying the rest of the series. So just because I know you will want to read the rest of the books, I have listed them in order.

The McCassey Brothers Series
Book 1 - No Worries
Book 2 - Devils Candy
Book 3 - Dusty Rose
Book 4 - The Long Road Home

The McCassey Cousins Series
Book 1 - When Night Falls

Ms. Sharman, my sincere thanks for bringing a less than perfect family into my life that has amused and entertained me like none other. When Night Falls is an outstanding book and you are a very talented writer. I anxiously await the next book.