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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Superstition’s Desire by Lisa M. Campbell

Superstition’s Desire by Lisa M. Campbell
Publisher: Wild Horse Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical
Length: Full (196 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

The lush landscape of the Scottish Highlands holds great beauty, but also great peril. Therefore, when Lady Arabella Wyndmere is spirited away from her English home, she is right to fear for her heart and her welfare.

Held to a deathbed vow, Laird Connal MacRae is honor-bound to deliver Lady Arabella unsullied, to his deposed older brother, as a prize to soothe his ego. Nevertheless, Connal cannot deny the burning ache the spirited beauty has awakened in him.

However, something far more dangerous stalks from the shadows. And in a climate of treachery and betrayal; the greatest risk of all could be surrendering to the depth of feelings of unexpected love.

Arabella has just become an orphan and finds herself at the mercy of Baron Axton. Her Aunt Juditha married a Highlander many years before and to save her niece she has arranged a marriage with one of her stepsons. Her father left her education in the care of her mother's old priest who unfortunately taught her his mad notions on Catholicism.

Connal has become Laird MacRae and at his second-mother's request has come to spirit Arabella away to the Highlands of Scotland to marry his brother. Kellan, the elder son, was deemed unstable and not suitable to be Laird MacRae. Arabella is to be his consolation prize.

On the way to the Highlands Connal and Arabella are sorely tempted by one another until Connal solves their problem by ignoring the reason for their journey. He finds a priest and marries Arabella.

Arabella is putty in Connal's hands, but when they arrive at their destination her real problems begin. Kellan is not happy his bride has been snatched from his grasp and vows revenge. Arabella's notions of Catholicism make the servants suspect she is a witch and she is not sure if Connal really loves her. All of this makes for a lively novel where the reader is not sure what is going to happen next.

I found Arabella an interesting character, lively but totally unaware of the effect she has on others. Connal on the other hand knows exactly where he stands in the order of things – except for when it comes to Arabella. Danger and adventure threaded through the story kept me interested although I did feel the number of bedroom scenes could have been spread out a bit more. At times I felt as if the author was using them as fillers.

The Scots language was very well handled in the dialogue. Not too much, but enough to put the reader in the Highlands. Ms Campbell had done her research well and the scenery and background of Superstition's Desire fitted naturally into the story. On the whole I enjoyed this novel and would be happy to read more of the same from Ms Campbell.