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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Lovin’ by Dara Edmondson, Laurie J. Edwards, Mona Ingram, Kimberlee R. Mendoza, Sydney Shay, and June Sproat

Summer Lovin’ by Dara Edmondson, Laurie J. Edwards, Mona Ingram, Kimberlee R. Mendoza, Sydney Shay, and June Sproat
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Length: Full (302 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Orange Blossom

From a rich Southern country club to a Midwest ranch and all the way to the cool beaches of the Pacific Northwest, this sweet collection of summer love stories revels in the magic of first love.

Get ready for some Summer Lovin’.
I love Young Adult romances but add in the warmth of summer and first loves and Summer Lovin’ is one not to be missed.

Society Girl by Dara Edmondson
This was a cute little story of two teens—one white and wealthy the other poor and Hispanic—and the lengths they have to go to stay together. It had a little bit of the Romeo and Juliet forbidden love about it without all the dying and a happily ever after.

Vanessa’s parents have already been through the trials and tribulations of raising a teenager, and they worry Vanessa will make the same wrong choices. The object of her affection, Nick, is such a sweet guy. He really likes Vanessa but he wants to do the right thing and honor her parents.

Summer Storms by Laurie J. Edwards
I’ve never read anything by Ms. Edwards, but I have to say after reading this story that I plan to read some more from this talented author. Summer Storms was my favorite of the anthology.

Paige DeVrie has to act more like the parent than her mother. And as a serious storm is coming in to wipe out her home, she is the one to save them from drowning. Finally they are rescued by a mysterious knight in shining armor as she floats in and out of consciousness. His name is Chase Evans. And it is in meeting Chris that Paige and her mother’s lives change forever. Through the summer Paige learns to cope with the effects of the storm. She grows through this event in her life with the help of Chase and his grandmother.

A heart touching story. More about change than romance but one still to affect any reader. There is some great writing going on in this story. I could feel the urgency and emotions of these characters caught in a possibly deadly situation. Outstanding.

Sandcastle Daze by Mona Ingram
What a fun story! I loved the interaction between the two leads-Todd and Carolyn . Both of them have the knack of saying the wrong thing to each other and ruffling the others feathers. Lot of passion below the surface.

When another guy (Diego) appears on the scene for the sandcastle building competition, you aren’t sure who Carolyn will end up with. Carolyn has an interest in him and it seems returned. Or maybe knowing him will help her better understand Todd.

Very sweet story. Cute ending. Kudos to Miss Ingram.

Wish Upon a Rockstar by Kimberlee R. Mendoza
Another excellent tale from Ms. Mendoza. She just has a knack of writing the American teenager.

Jake (known as Brodie X) is a rock star and Robin is a fan. On vacation with his family Jake meets Robin, but she doesn't know who he is. He likes the anonymity but when he discovers she’s a fan it could change everything. I loved the whole rock star incognito plot. Lovely story. Terrific writing. Great characters. Probably one of my favorites in the anthology.

Saddle up, Sweetheart by Sydney Shay
A sweet western story of two older teens who have serious decisions to make about their futures.

Russ is the ranch owner’s son. Natalie is the girl he’s in love with who works at the ranch. But when she is about the get let go from her position, Natalie wonders at Russ' true affection for her especially since he hasn't let it be known publically that they're an item after 6 months together.

It’s a charming story with a coming of age undertext. It obviously comes from a series and makes you want to know what happens next. The dialogue was outstanding and I loved the character depictions.

Just Perfect by June Sproat
What an incredible story! Great characters and the author twisted the plot around so that you really kept guessing.

CJ or Caroline Jane and her best friend have planned for a TSL summer-tanning, sun, and love. Except CJ finds out she has to work the mini golf park everyday. That really puts a damper on their plans.

She makes friends with the owner’s nephew Matt but she can’t seem to forget the cute guy they first saw at the pool who keeps popping into her life—Billy.

You really start to like Matt and wonder why CJ continues to be fascinated by Billy who really seems dangerous to her naivety and in reality is a jerk.

I really enjoyed the story. I found myself drawn in more and more as the story progressed. It wasn't as predictable, and I wanted to find out what would happen at the end.

All the stories in this anthology were completely enjoyable. The authors were all different and yet talented in their own right. Well worth the read. I can see teenage girls to mature women out in the sun enjoying this book this summer.