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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Search For Samantha by Muncy Chapman

A Search For Samantha by Muncy Chapman
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Full (384 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Little Lara Greenway’s fertile imagination, fueled by her mother’s account of her birth in a rural mission hospital, creates a twin sister whom she names Samantha. Years later, Lara is happily planning her marriage to lawyer Chandler Bell when the impossible happens. Unable to convince anyone of her fleeting glimpse of the girl who is her mirror image, Lara sets out alone to find the woman she believes to be her identical twin. With her birth certificate in hand, she begins the journey to the mountain mission where she was born, hoping to correct a mistake made twenty-three years before. What she discovers at the isolated hospital puts her life in jeopardy as it confirms her worst nightmare. Will Lara ever see Chandler again? Will she find the sister she’s met only in her childhood dreams? Or will Lara’s life end where it first began?

A SEARCH FOR SAMANTHA does not start with a bang or with a shocking event. First, it gives the reader a look at the connection between Lara Greenway and Chandler Bell in their childhood when she falls in love with him. It continues with how they reconnect as adults, giving the reader a special feeling of having a long-term tie with them.

Lara, as a child, talks openly with her invisible twin she names Samantha. In adulthood, she discusses important things with Samantha in private. When Samantha appears in her dreams, Lara begins to believe she truly does have a twin that needs her help. From this point in the story, the suspense builds at lightning speed. Lara escapes from people who think she needs psychiatric help. She leaves her safe world of nursing and quiet living and goes to the remote mountains of North Carolina to search for information about her birth.

Adventure on top of adventure lands Lara in a life-threatening situation when she does find the place where she was born.

Chandler, frantic to find Lara, the love of his life, uses all avenues available to him as a lawyer and as a rich man in his efforts to locate her whereabouts. During this searching time, he meets Clarissa and Sam, two secondary characters that play important roles in finding Lara. The sub-plot of Clarissa and Sam makes incredible reading in itself.

Some of the other secondary characters create amazing sub-plots also. I fell in love with Dahlia and Zack and their mountain home. They share an enduring love that touches the heart. They are nurturers. The Bascoms are at the other in of the continuum. Their greed feeds on and profits from the misery of desperate women. Good and evil are revealed clearly in these characters.

The climax of A SEARCH FOR SAMANTHA is full of action and excitement. However, the falling action is the most satisfying of all. As the events all come together, the reader gets to enjoy more than one happily-ever-after. Most Enjoyable Reading!