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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rogue by Marly Mathews

Rogue by Marly Mathews
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full (173 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

Shaylee Nyx is a fairy with unconventional ideals. When she spurns the advances of an undesirable suitor, she is exiled from her fairy realm. Cast out into an unforgiving universe filled with mortals and magical beings alike, she has to fight to survive.

Prince Flynn Ap Owyn searches the known galaxies for ancient magical artifacts. There is only one prize he as left to claim—Shaylee.

A fairy banished from the magic realms and the spare heir to the Caledonian throne. An unlikely pair for romance, especially as their first meeting is full of danger and lack of trust in each other.

Shaylee, a fairy exiled by her people, waits for her contact in a bar in Caledonia in the Dru Morn Sector. The contact turns out to be the second heir of the Caledonian royal family. An heir who is suddenly thrust onto the throne after his family is massacred in an attack on the palace.

Flynn wants Shaylee to help him take revenge on those responsible for his family's murder, but he appears to have a secret agenda. The pair depart on Shaylee's ship to find the Jewel of Ta Leight Nuir which Flynn is convinced will help him exact his revenge. Shaylee, knowing the power of the Jewel agrees to take him to the planet where the Jewel is supposed to be hidden.

Lies, intrigue and danger threaten the pair as they search for the Jewel and try to keep one step ahead of their enemies. Their journey draws them close together as they get near to their goal.

Banished from her home planetary system, Shaylee still retains most of her magic. She uses this to help Flynn, but becomes angry when she realizes he has lied to her. Flynn instinctively knows Shaylee is hiding something from him, but is unable to make her disclose her secret. Their relationship is one of anger, passion and mistrust. Despite their strong attraction to one another, they cannot carry this over into their social interaction.

I have to admit I became rather confused by this story. I felt as if the author knew integral parts of the story which she failed to pass on to the reader. The main characters did a lot of explaining to each other and then did it all over again to minor characters. The end of the book also seemed to rush to tie up loose ends.

I enjoyed the unique portrayal of fairies and magical creatures. Instead of being "airy fairy" excuse the pun, they were real people with natural magical abilities. Both Flynn and Shaylee were strong characters who came into conflict each time a decision had to be made. I could totally comprehend the anger Shaylee showed when she discovered Flynn had lied to her. Flynn had problems coming to terms with magic, even though he'd been fascinated by fairies since his childhood.

Deceit and lies practiced by others forges their relationship, but their love for each other keeps them strong until the final obstacle threatens to destroy not only their love but the Dru Morn Sector and beyond.

"Rogue" had some good plot aspects which lovers of adventure fantasy and tales of fairies will find intriguing. The shaper shifter planet was brilliant. Maybe the author would consider a book based on the history that was briefly touched on in "Rogue". I'd love to hear more about them.