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Thursday, August 6, 2009

On The Silver Edge Of Time by Ciara Gold

On The Silver Edge Of Time by Ciara Gold
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Time travel, Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy
Length: Full Length (266 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Mistletoe

An eclipse yields a powerful force, an energy harnessed by those with magic in their souls. When the moon slips between the Earth and the Sun, a mighty wizard evokes the elements of nature. With ancient, Celtic incantations, he sends a might Viking Jarl soaring through time to bring home his destiny.

Erik Lotharsson is sent decades into the future to find the mate his people have chosen. He has no idea the journey he travels will be one of heart and soul. Nor can he imagine the trials he must face in taming a modern woman to his point of view.

Keelin Haverland has experienced dreams of a Viking lover for several years and fixates her attention on an acquaintance with a striking resemblance to her dream lover. She soon discovers her dreams are of another, of a man who claims to be from the past. The magic of an eclipse transports her to another time where modern conveniences no long exist, and love is but a heartbeat away.

The Silver Edge of Time is a story about love and trust. This book grips the reader from the first page. Is it love or just a prophecy? When Keelin is whisked off by Erik to another time period will love overcome fear and hate?
From Vikings and dragons to seers and wizards this book has it all. When a young spirited college student is whisked back to a time when alpha males ruled what will be the results? One can just imagine the mayhem that follows.

Ever since she has begun having her dreams of her and a man that looks very much like Sank Crenshaw Keelin has become almost obsessed with trying to get Sank to notice her, yet all of her efforts keep ending up in nothing but trouble for her. Until another man shows up, one looking exactly like Sank himself. The new man identifies himself as Erik, a Viking from the past. Keelin is torn between the two and must decide whom she is really dreaming about and who truly holds her heart. While Erik tries to win her over he seems to be too much of an alpha male for Keelin.

Erik must return to his time bringing Keelin back as his bride to fulfill the prophecy. Neither of them is happy with this arrangement and in a turn of events beyond her control Keelin is brought back in time against her will. Once there she is made Erik’s slave instead of his bride. He himself has yet to understand his own feelings and decides that keeping her as his slave he will be able to sort things out. Of course she chafes at this and the adventures begin. Keelin must learn to live in Erik’s time as she tries to find a way home. Will she ever return home or will they ever find the love they are searching for?

With it’s feisty heroine, Keelin, and it’s alpha male, Erik, this story does not disappoint. The reader is taken on a magical ride from beginning to end. If you enjoy stories about Vikings and magic you will enjoy this book. Ciara Gold has done a nice job in recreating the Viking world. I enjoyed being immersed in the details about the daily and castle life. With a good flow this story is a great adventure for those willing to take the ride. A good read from beginning to end.