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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lycan Tides by Renee Wildes

Lycan Tides by Renee Wildes
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: High Fantasy
Length: Full (152 Pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Eglantine

Giving in to the lure of passion could lead to disaster…

Guardians of Light, Book 3

Selkie princess Finora is all too familiar with betrayal. Betrayal by her curiosity, which led her from the sea. By her body, which yielded to a handsome human under the full moon. By the human, who hid her skin and took its location with him to his grave. After seven years of searching, she no longer believes in miracles.

Trystan is a werewolf on a mission to find and return dragons to his homeland. He follows a slim lead westward across an unfamiliar sea. Gravely wounded in a pirate attack, his ship foundered in a storm and sinking fast, he comes face to face with the most unexpected rescuers—Finora and her two half-human children.

Selkie and werewolf. Both creatures ruled by the moon. The attraction is instant, mutual, undeniable…and impossible. Trystan is destined to return to the mountains and Finora can’t leave the sea. Their only gift to each other is one night of searing passion—which could lead to the greatest betrayal of all…

One could be lucky. Two could be a fluke. Three brilliant books in a row can only be the result of great talent, hard work and excellent editorial guidance.

Lycan Tides is a story which can stand alone comfortably. It differs from the tales preceding it in many ways. For one, it is spicier, with more sex scenes. This is completely in character for the protagonists, and contributes to the plot development. But to me there also seemed a rawer feel to the story, in keeping with a book dealing with two shape shifters who are, for all their similarities, very different. Yet both are able to take animal form, and are in a way rawer than your average magical creature.

Any reader introduced to Ms Wildes’ work for the first time by reading Lycan Tides will, therefore, not feel cast adrift. Yet there is a particular pleasure in recognising names of old friends mentioned here and there. I’d recommend that you get all three books, and read them in order: Duality, Hedda’s Sword and then Lycan Tides. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with the flowing writing, gorgeous use of language, and breathtaking stories. Kudos also to editors who guided this talented writer and contributed to this excellent series. Well done.

To the lover of fantasy romance: just…go buy this book. In fact, go buy all three of them. This entire series has taken my breath away and I can't recommend it more. Seriously. You won’t be disappointed and I fully believe you'll have a set of books that you'll read and re-read for years to come.