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Friday, August 14, 2009

In The Lion's Mouth by Jean Harrington

In The Lion's Mouth by Jean Harrington
Publisher: Highland Press Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (272 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Stalked by a lecherous tyrant, Owen and Grace flee their beloved Ireland in pursuit of freedom and happiness.

With no ship departures until spring, Owen obtains work with a traveling blacksmith and leaves Grace in Liverpool. While there, she is accosted by their nemesis, Lord Rushmount, and barely escapes with her life.

As Grace and Owen continue to cross paths with Rushmount, she is challenged with hiding her experience in Liverpool. For once Owen discovers the truth, will their love remain strong? Or will the truth destroy their shining future?

Grace O’Malley O’Donnell knows when it’s expedient to run. She also knows how to stand and fight when the time is right. A descendant of Granuaile, the pirate queen who sank Queen Elizabeth’s ships as well as Spanish ships, Grace defies oppressors just like her ancestor, but in a different way. In Ireland, she poaches on Lord Rushmount’s land to help feed the starving people of her village. However, when Rushmount sets out to have her for his own, she and her husband must run. Strikingly beautiful, she finds it difficult to hide even away from her beloved Homeland. In England and in the New World, Lord Rushmount plagues her life. In the New World where Grace and Owen own their own land, she stands to fight rather than run. With Absalom, the Narragansett Indian that worships and protects her, they defeat Rushmount but at a high price.

Owen O’Donnell, a dour man with a withered calf, is a blacksmith and farmer that owns the heart of the beautiful Grace in a “forever love” way. He adores his wife and works hard to help them realize their dream. He sees how other men look at his beautiful, talented, vivacious wife and knows they wonder how he won her love. When he learns that she did not tell him of her horrible encounter with Lord Rushmount in England, he is crushed. The bond between them is strained to the limit as they struggle to find their way back to trust and their consummate love.

With the use of real historical characters, Jean Harrington creates a story that rings true. Roger Williams, so well known in early American history and the Narragansett Indians, play virtual roles in the O’Donnell’s lives. Other secondary characters like Emma Harris who hints of Grace being a witch, Sara Duxbury, the English woman who befriends them, and many others help make In The Lion's Mouth an exciting story—a story of hardship, hope, and of a love that conquers all. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.