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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Impetuous by Lori Foster

Impetuous by Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (253 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Grade school teacher Carlie McDaniels trades in her frumpiness for the look of an exotic harem girl, at least for one costume party. So long, spinsterhood—and hello tall, dark and handsome Tyler Ramsey….

Even after the best night of their lives, Tyler hasn't guessed the identity of his harem hottie…and Carlie plans on keeping him in the dark. After all, a gorgeous guy like Tyler would never fall for his smart-talking best friend. And Carlie's not sure she wants to know what would happen if he ever unveiled the naked truth!

She wants him, but he doesn’t seem to think she exists. What’s a girl to do? Don a harem costume and rock his world. What should she do when he makes advances on her and talks about the harem girl? That’s Impetuous.

Lori Foster writes scintillating novels that tug at your heart. You want the characters to succeed and find the love they desire. You also walk away from the story with both a few laughs and a few tears. Impetuous is no exception.

Carlie Daniels doesn’t want to fall in love again. It’s too hard. When she sees Tyler Ramsey, a well-known ladies man, she’s hooked, but concerned. I liked that she had emotional baggage. You could relate to her insecurities and root for her as she tried to conquer her fears. As for the hero, Tyler is a convincing alpha male. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it, as long as he’s within his guarded shell. I liked the idea that Ms. Foster used. Men can be emotional yet strong and they can also be hurt and sheltered. Women can relate to the wounded male because they want to help him get better.

The love scenes are filled with passion even though both characters are rife with trust issues. You want Carlie and Tyler to find the deep love that exists between them.

If you want a great read for an afternoon, you want to read Impetuous. You’ll love the story and the ride. I give this book 4 ½ books.