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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Illusions of Destiny by Kiss Carson

Illusions of Destiny by Kiss Carson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Full (283 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Poinsettia

When Ianna Ward receives a mysterious parcel, she thinks someone is playing a trick on her. However, the contents of the 16th century chest transports her back in time to a different dimension where the sidhe, a mystical race of people, war with humans. She meets the mysterious and appealing Regan Shay, the sidhe leader and her attraction to him is as powerful as his hypnotic gaze and devastating grin. But someone else has laid claim to Regan and will stop at nothing to keep him within her cruel grasp. With the help of unicorns, dragons and a cheeky Pegasus called Mercury, Ianna fights for love - is she strong enough to battle destiny and change her life forever?

Ianna finally felt she was in control of her life, but then a mysterious package arrives that changes her destiny forever.

Ianna is a natural skeptic, but when strange and violent dreams begin to plague her, she decides to consult Mystic Meg, a psychic. Ianna hopes that Meg might be able to provide an explanation for the dreams. Instead, Meg starts rambling about fantastic creatures like unicorns and dragons. Annoyed, Ianna begins to think she’s wasted her time. Then Meg tells her that her phone will ring and it will be Ianna’s boss saying a package has arrived. Meg tells her the package will take her to a mysterious man who is supposed to be the love of Ianna’s life. Ianna still has her doubts, but is amazed when her phone rings, and Meg’s prediction about a package comes true.

The strange package is a chest with Ianna’s name on it that appears to be about 500 years old and contains some very strange items. Ianna doesn’t have long to wonder how her name got on a chest that old. Before she knows it, Ianna is transported to another dimension. A dimension filled with creatures Ianna thought only existed in fairy tales. Not only that, but she does indeed meet the man of her dreams, Regan Shay, the leader of the sidhe.

Regan and Ianna’s attraction to each other is immediate and strong. It seems that destiny has brought them together, but things aren’t that simple. Regan is not free to choose who he wants to be with. Dena, the queen of the sidhe, wants Regan for herself and she’ll stop at nothing to ensure that he stays in her clutches. To make matters worse, the sidhe and the humans are at war and Ianna and Regan are caught in the middle. Will Ianna leave everything up to chance, or will she take control of her destiny and fight for the man she loves?

Ianna is a classic strong heroine. After learning her husband had cheated on her multiple times, she left him and took control of her life. She is calm and level-headed, traits that serve her well when she finds herself in a world full of unbelievable beings. Even though she’s a strong woman, Ianna still carries the scars that her husband’s infidelity left behind, making it hard for her to trust Regan. In order to have a future with Regan, Ianna must let go of her past.

Regan was quite a different hero then I’ve encountered before. Human emotions confuse him. To make matters worse, his life has been shaped by the cruel sidhe queen, Dena. Consequently he has mastered feelings of anger and rage, but has a hard time understanding more tender emotions. If Regan and Ianna are going to be together, he must let Ianna teach him about love and friendship, and both must let go of their feelings of distrust.

I highly recommend Illusions of Destiny to anyone wanting to escape into the pages of a good book filled with magical creatures and a passionate romance.