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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

His Son’s Teacher by Kay Stockham

His Son’s Teacher by Kay Stockham
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Full (246 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Nick Tulane ordinarily won't admit weakness in himself or in those he loves. But when he learns his son is about to fail in school, the single father is desperate to find a tutor. And Jennifer Rose is perfect.

In fact, Jen might be too perfect. Nick's starting to fall for the attractive teacher, and he can't let that happen. Because opening up to Jen means sharing the secret that has always made him feel like an outsider in his own family. Still, with his son showing signs of following in his footsteps, Nick can't keep the truth hidden. But once she knows, will Jen accept him weakness and all?

Sometimes your deepest secret is the one thing you need revealed in order to live. Sound intriguing? Read His Son’s Teacher to learn more.

Ms.Stockham writes novels that tug at your heart because they are novels about people you could know. You can empathize with the struggles of the characters because the characters are people you could meet in your neighborhood. They could be you.

Her hero, Nick Tulane, comes from a long line of folks well-known in the community. He’s a bit of a hell-raiser, yet his tough front hides a heart of gold. He wants to be a better man for his son, but one thing holds him back. Fear. Many people can identify with his fear. You don’t want people to think ill of you because of things you can’t do. It’s a human response. I loved that he was hard-headed, yet willing to bend when it came to Jenn.

As a heroine, you couldn’t help but love Jenn Rose. Yes, she came across as a bit weak at first, but she needed time to grow as a person into her own person. When her heart is trashed, Jenn does what many women (and men) do – she turns to food to insulate herself against her broken heart. When she meets Nick, she’s driven to be a better person. I loved her desire to fit into her Paradise Dress – the one dress she wants to wear when she goes on her dream vacation. We all have those small (and some large) goals we want to attain. With Nick’s help, she has a chance. He’s not about to let her welch out of her chance to be daring, especially if he can be her personal trainer.

The scenes of the town in this novel are memorable. You feel like you’re really in the story with Jenn and Nick. I loved the interactions between Jenn and Nick’s son, Matt. She needs to help him prepare for the next grade. Her job isn’t Matt’s favorite, yet she finds ways to make the situation fun and educational for the both of them.

And the love scenes? Full of passion and tastefully written. You can feel the love sizzling between Jenn and Nick, even when they aren’t ready to admit it.

If you want a great read that will stick with you long after the book closes, then you need to read His Son’s Teacher. I highly recommend this novel. I give this book 5 books.