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Friday, August 7, 2009

Her Dangerous Promise by Amanda Sidhe

Her Dangerous Promise by Amanda Sidhe
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Genre: Contemporary / Suspense
Length: Short (135 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Inspector Thom Brady can't understand why schoolteacher Mary Seeton won't confide in him about her recent abduction. There is no doubt that she'd been forcibly taken and somehow escaped, but she refuses to tell him anything about her experience.

In order to escape her mentally challenged kidnapper, Mary made a terrible promise, one she can't forgive herself for. The lives of the children in her class depend on her keeping that secret. But with super-sexy Thom hounding her, soon her abductor figures she broke her promise and no one is safe. Racing against time the couple risks their lives and their growing relationship to catch the desperate and dangerous kidnapper.

Mary, blindfolded and scared spit less, counts to 100. She will not risk losing her freedom on a technicality. She used her third-grade teacher skills and her innate understanding of human nature to cajole her capturer into letting her go. Alone, disoriented, and in shock, Mary Seeton is physically free but she is still controlled by her capturer because of her promise. She longs to share her secret but she cannot without endangering others’ lives.

Inspector Thom Brady knows all too well that “bad things happen to good people”. He keeps his emotional distance from victims. He feels he failed Tammy Jo years ago and will not risk that kind of emotional mistake again. Yet, when he touches the fragile looking in-shock third-grade teacher, “the magnetic draw of her prickled like static on his skin”. He badgers her unmercifully as he tries to get information about her kidnapper.

While Mary and Thom deal with their unresolved personal issues and the elusive kidnapper, the secondary characters under gird the story unobtrusively. They help the reader see the full personalities of both Thom and Mary. Good reading.

Amanda Sidhe’s writing style, with its beautiful, expressive imagery, moves the story along with action, tension, and with emotion gripping psychological struggles. HER DANGEROUS PROMISE is exciting from the very first sentence. This page-turner is one I’ll enjoy reading more than once.