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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ghost of a Chance by Judi Phillips

Ghost of a Chance by Judi Phillips
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Fantasy/paranormal
Length: Full (348 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Fennel

Widower Trace Hawthorne has run his life on the left-brained model of an engineer—except for his impulsive move to Egypt with his toddler twelve years ago. When he returns to Minnesota and buys a century-old house, any odd incidents—misplaced items, flickering lights, a boy, Edward, whom no one will claim—he dismisses with logic.

Single mother and herbalist Wynter Storm is poised to expand her business, moonlighting as an interior decorator for extra funds. In denial about her psychic intuition, she senses things about Trace’s new house and about him.

Logic and intuition collide, sparks fly and love ignites. Can they heal past hurts of grief, guilt and abandonment while fending off their matchmaking daughters, curtailing their mothers—one a psychic and the other a busybody—and help the ghost of a small boy find his way home?

In the prologue Ms Phillips introduces us to Edward and we discover how a fun game of hide-and-seek turns into a tragedy.

Wynter Storm’s main aim in life is to secure the future for herself and her daughter, Jenny, by ensuring her herb and health store continues to expand, along with her ideas to set up and online branch offering the same products to a larger customer base.

When she ‘hears a voice calling out for Sarah, she ignores it. After all, she doesn’t know anyone called Sarah. ‘Hunches’ belonged to her mother’s world and Wynter wanted none of it. There was a mother and father of all snow storms brewing and she had to collect Jenny from school. But…

No-nonsense Trace Hawthorne ignore the uneasy feeling that shadows him from the moment he wakes He’s just returned home to Lost Falls, Minnesota with his daughter and is ready to take his place in the construction company he and his friend set up several years ago. He’s a mover and shaker, and enjoys the logical path of life. He admit life often deviates from the logical, but he can handle that. After all he’d looked after his daughter single-handed just fine. Hadn’t he?

What neither Wynter nor Trace bargained for were the consequences of the strong friendship their that bonded their daughters together.

Both are carrying heavy baggage labelled ‘The Past’, but both are prepared to expect and deal with those issues. What they not expect was Edward’s jealousies to drive themselves and their children apart.

If you want to know more, I suggest you read this well constructed story that is full of loving and caring people whose issues almost everyone can relate to in some guise or other.

The emotions vibrate off the page and the scenery is vividly portrayed.

This is my first acquaintance with award winning author Judi Phillips, but I’ll be looking out for more of her stories in the future. When you’ve read this story, I’d be surprised if you didn’t want to find more of her books too.