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Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Personal by Diane Amos

Getting Personal by Diane Amos
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (312 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Sometimes good intentions aren't enough. No one knows that better than Monique St. Cyr, parochial school dropout, dieter extraordinaire, and sucker for wounded animals. By day she writes obituaries for the local newspaper. By night, this investigative reporter wannabe with pit bull tenacity has a habit of leaping headlong into things, with both eyes closed. To liven up things a tad, her mother, an erotic fiction author, enlists Monique's help with research for her next book about online dating.

Before she knows it, Monique's mailbox is swamped with eager “prospects” including Jake Dube, a cop whose equipment includes a wickedly sexy grin and eyes hot enough to melt tempered steel.

Suddenly Monique's life is anything but dull.

Packed full of fun, a sense of the ridiculous, and an incredible insight into the art of rationalizing one’s actions and choices, Getting Personal tickles one’s sense of humor producing chuckles, giggles, and laughter. Subtly tucked into the fun, some serious issues, relevant to emotional and physical health, are grappled with as the heroine and hero seek ways to realize their individual and joint dreams.

Monique St. Cyr, still trying to build a successful career at age 36, is a master at rationalizing her actions. From food choices to methods to reach her career goals, she trips herself up again and again. “Look before you leap” does not enter into her modus operandi. Even her love life is not exempt from this ‘Calamity Jane” syndrome. The humorous way Diane Amos relates the story makes one believe that even one’s own faux pas can be survived and life be better.

Jake, a policeman that answers a 911 call from Monique, is captivated by her. Handsome, intelligent, sexy as sin, and tenacious, he accepts and even enjoys her quirky ways. However, his goals and hers do not jibe making a permanent relationship for them seem very unlikely.

The secondary characters are major forces in Getting Personal. They propel the story along with a delightful variety of deeds and misdeeds that entrap Monique repeatedly. From pesky pets to her indomitable mother, Anne Marie St. Cyr that writes erotic romance books, these characters enliven the story and keep the reader turning pages and smiling. Getting Personal is a fun book to read.