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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Familiar Strangers by Allie Standifer

Familiar Strangers by Allie Standifer
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Paranormal
Heat: Spicy
Length: Full (254 Pages)
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Larkspur

Louisiana born and bayou bred Galen Matthews doesn’t usually care about other people’s problems, but when one of his few friends calls needing a favor, against his better judgment he agrees. He had no idea the favor was going to be protecting the feisty and slightly flighty Regin Neff, without her knowledge. Little did he know how far accepting this new job would send his world careening out of its perfectly ordered existence. And how deeply into the past he would have to dig in order to understand his unexplained connection to Regin. Regin Neff is smart enough to smell a set-up, but for the life of her she can’t sense where. Her usually sharp mind is a bit off kilter. Maybe it’s because she’s overwhelmed with the recent events upsetting her happily unstructured life. It could be the creepy letters that find her no matter where or how far she moves. The letters are from a man who almost killed her seven years ago and vowed to someday escape and finish the job. There’s the mysterious yet gorgeous Galen Matthews, a neighbor, whose kisses make her body shiver, in every good way, even though his watching her every move makes her crazy. She can’t deny the connection she feels to her Cajun neighbor. A connection that leaves her feeling angry, betrayed, confused and loved to the depths of her soul. Yeah, Regin’s got problems, and she has to decide which man, Galen or the stalker holds the biggest danger. One wants to end her life and the other could destroy her heart.

Familiar Strangers is a dramatic, intense and wonderful read. A How-To Author and Ex-NavySeal/Security Expert share much more than an exotic Island retreat. Can they reclaim what they lost lifetimes ago or will fate punish them once again.

If you don’t believe in Reincarnation you will after this amazing story. It’s a rare delight when an author can give readers brilliant comedic relief in the midst of a powerful suspense filled thriller and Familiar Strangers is one of those finds. I was hooked from the fist page. Allie didn’t think a crazed killer and past lives was enough of an attention keeper so she threw in a category 4 Hurricane as well. She created incredible strong main characters in Regin and Galen and makes you want to cheer their triumphs and cry through their tragedies. The well developed supporting cast of friends and foes add depth to the story. She weaves her magical tale with subtle remembrances and dreams of past lives and love lost with a dialogue that’s rich in description and flows with wildness as she brings in the storm. The love scenes are sensual and sexy and as hot as the Louisiana Bayou where the story takes

Familiar Strangers is a true readers delight, it’s rich in drama, suspense, and shear terror with characters that will stay will you long after the book has ended. So if nail biting is your idea of a great way to enjoy reading and if you like your romance on the sizzle burner and you’re not afraid of getting your feet wet than this is your novel.