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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Edge of Honor by Minnette Meador

The Edge of Honor by Minnette Meador
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Genre: Historical, adventure, romantic elements
Length: Full (189 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Lavender

The Boudicca revolt has been squelched, the tribes of the Iceni and the Trinovantes have been exterminated by the Roman Governor of Britannia, Suetonius. He has sworn his revenge on the remaining tribes for the Celtic insolence.

Marius and Delia are now King and Queen of a broken Celtic tribe, and Marius has to use all his skill and cunning to help his hunted people as they flee before General Suetonius' sword. Reluctantly donning the mask of the liberatio mysticus, the “phantom” that hides the scattered tribes, the couple recruits Marius' ex-Roman century and what few Celtic warriors that remain to face the deadly Roman machine. They struggle to keep their people together and prevent the rest of a nation from fading into history.

But they are threatened by secret plots, jealousy, and a new enemy that hammers a wedge between them, a wedge that even an unborn child may not be able to dislodge when Marius falls under the charms of Delia's sworn enemy. Sacrifices will have to be made to save their people, to keep the nation together, to survive the Roman rage. In the end, it may be more than their love or their lives they lose.

This exciting, action packed, romantic tale is set 2000 years ago in ancient Britannia. Roman and Celtic cultures meet and blend in a realistic story which unfolds in a harsh world. If you loved the first book, The Centurion and the Queen, and I did, you’ll love this second in the series as well. Read the gripping first story before this one to get a smooth transition into this novel. The Edge of Honor continues the tale.

The passionate love between the Roman Centurion Marius and his Celtic queen, Delia is established, at the point where The Edge of Honor picks up. Though their relationship isn’t the main plot, some interesting things occur between them, and make for some excellent adventures. So this book, though not primarily a romance, is filled with stirring love, and some very spicy scenes.

The Edge of Honor is concerned with a struggle for power in this epic historical. One exciting thing happens after another and keeps the reader turning pages. The villians just might win, and the hero and heroine could easily perish.

The book is well-written and unpredictable and on my keeper shelf. I became a fan of Ms. Meador with her book, The Centurion and the Queen and with The Edge of Honor, that is reinforced. I will continue to look for her work.

It’s hard to come up with criticisms for her work. But if I had to well, Delia was very pregnant and endured such vigorous physical hardships, it’s a miracle she didn’t lose her baby, but not impossible.

I did love this book though, almost as much as the first, and would highly recommend it.