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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Different Drum by Cindy Causey

A Different Drum by Cindy Causey
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full(196 pgs)
Heat: spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Review by Snapdragon

Out-of-work reporter Mallory Aikins dreams of a Prince Charming who will whisk her away from her family’s poverty to his mansion on the hill. Instead, she’s stranded in the tiny town of Sagebrush, watching her chance at a new start in Palm Springs evaporate in the New Mexico heat. But her reporter’s curiosity is piqued by sexy, mysterious, motorcycle-riding sheriff Drummond Wolfe. Mallory is determined to find out his secret, even if it threatens the passion that’s beginning to sizzle between them. Heir to a Gulf Coast oil fortune, Drum wants nothing to do with his wealthy family or the annoying, infuriating, and captivating woman he rescued from the side of the road. He likes his quiet and peaceful life, but Mallory could turn his world upside down.

In the process of running away from who they are, they’re destined to run right into each other.

Mallory Aikins is lovely, determined, and momentarily, jobless. She's a journalist through and through though, so her super-sleuth abilities cause her first interest in the mysterious local sheriff. However, Drum Wolfe resists both her inquisitiveness and her charm.

Loads of great things could go his way - but he never wants any of the strings that always seem to be attached. He's nothing but attitude really--ok, incredibly tough, handsome, biker and more, but...still, the attitude. Drum's the local heat for all kinds of reasons. This guy is sooo appealing--but plainly not the commitment kind.

Mallory is believably cautious, but plainly enthralled. Unlike with him, nothing seems to go her way. She doesn't have enough money, or handy (and wealthy) connections. And, to top it all off, her heart does get caught up in it all, far too quickly. She's a very believable heroine that readers will assuredly admire to some degree, as well as sympathize with. You can't help hoping things will (for once!) go her way. She does have a resilient spirit, and a good friend in Barbara, who is great at knowing every tidbit of information around.

Mallory's struggles make her seem quite flip at times, yet this story lets us in on her true feelings, and somehow, the comparison of Mallory-in-public and her true self is all that much more evocative. This tough reporter is extraordinarily vulnerable... but will this cop turned biker ever see that?

Sagebrush, the rugged little New Mexico town that serves as backdrop, is delightful. Causey manages to let the town itself sort of define its people,and includes events like the local pageant and some of the area Native American population.

Causey has a great sense of the dramatic, and manages to engage the interest even with small events or problems. This is a very enjoyable read.