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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coyote Moon by Pat Cunningham

Coyote Moon by Pat Cunningham
Published by Siren Bookstrand
Genre: contemporary
Length: Short (83 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

It's that time of the month—the full moon—when Willy Alvarez's moods go wonky and her dreams fill up with wolves. A time for hungers she doesn't dare fulfill because they lead to violence. She's resigned herself to a manless life, then Cody Gray arrives.

Cody is cute, funny, charming, and a werecoyote. His nose knows what Willy doesn't: she's half werewolf. He's convinced this repressed half-human she-wolf is his perfect mate. Now he just has to convince her. And quick, because her long-lost pack has learned about her existence, and they've come to town to claim her.

Coyote Moon by Pat Cunningham is one of those surprise finds of a read, that reaches out and drags you straight in. This romance tangles the paranormal into life as if it simply existed, and takes off from there. It’s a bold approach, and Pat Cunningham carries it off like some sort of magician. I was completely enthralled, from the first moment Cody Gray broke up the tableau of evil-doers closing in on that nice blond she-wolf at the garage.

Cody wants what anyone can identify with – the mate, the pack…er, family, and bit of countryside to call his own. He’s an honorable Texan through and through, and doesn’t mind taking time out to help a lady wolf in distress, either. Alpha-wolfette, Willy doesn’t mind the help, and is even suitably impressed with his handling of her fancy wheels, but let’s face it, she’s a tad out of old Cody’s league, or is she? Cody does have those intriguing yellow eyes, after all.

The action is fast, the dialogue snappy, and the situations utterly unpredictable. The full moon and the wild freedom of certain canines, as well as all the heightened senses that go along with that, bring the life of these not quite humans into amazing perspective. Go ahead, let out a howl.

From waffles to wagging, this is a paranormal that dares. I hope Pat Cunningham continues in this vein for a full length novel, as she’ll be setting a whole new standard for paranormal fiction. Kudos, and then some.