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Monday, August 3, 2009

Butterfly by Clare Austin

Butterfly by Clare Austin
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (270 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Flannery Sloane is a free spirit, her soul blessed by Irish musical tradition. She doesn’t care where she’s going or how she’ll get there. Joy and passion are her only map. And, though she’s not interested in falling in love, she wouldn’t mind a little fun with a fine-looking man. Hunter Kincade could fill that bill and have a bit of change left over.

Hunter thrives on punctuality. He is in the music business with his focus on the bottom line. The pretty fiddle player with the bright green eyes would make his next production worth the price of a CD. But Flannery never wears a watch. She’s late for everything but the downbeat of a fiddle tune.

Their only common ground is the belief that falling in love is a danger to health and sanity. They’re all wrong for each other...and they are so right.

Magical music, Irish lore, fairies, and so much more lure the reader into Flannery Sloane’s world. The youngest of the Sloane siblings, she tries the patience of both her sister Kerry and her brother Tynan with her free-spirit attitude and her habitual tardiness. However, when she picks up her fiddle, all is forgiven. She owns the room when she plays. She charms the listeners with the music and lifts their spirits with her Irish wit. No one would ever know her heart cries out to her dead Da and Ma and for her misty, green homeland. As she meets the world head on in Boston and Hunter Kincade appears on the scene, her life becomes even more emotion driven and complex.

Hunter Kincade, captivated by Flann’s music and her mischievous pixie look, thinks a short-term relationship with her might ease a need that abides deep inside him. Wealthy, successful, yet, still the outcast in his dysfunctional family, he seeks something that seems out of his reach. The women in his life warped his view of all women making him shy of long-term commitments. He has no idea of the challenge to come as he pursues the sprite-like Flannery who truly believes “If I let a man get in my heart, I lose my music, my soul, my everything”.

The musical imagery in BUTTERFLY makes the story sing with magic that encompasses the senses of the reader. It reveals sadness, joy, hope, and deep, hidden needs—physical, spiritual, and emotional.

The secondary characters, the humor, and the family secrets of both Flann’s and KIncade’s family add dimensions to the story that make it come alive.

Clare Austin gives the reader a “once upon a time” story in a modern setting with modern characters but with a hint of magic that “comes from the ancient forests of Erin”.

BUTTERFLY invites the reader into a fascinating world where “once upon a time” holds the same excitement and adventure as fairy tales of old plus love scenes that touch a special chord in the heart. ENCHANTING READING!