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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Under the Boardwalk by Carly Phillips

Under the Boardwalk by Carly Phillips
Publisher: Time Warner Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (271 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Ariana Costas may be a college professor in Vermont, but she's still a Jersey girl at heart-at least according to her lovable, eccentric Greek family. Then her twin sister, Zoe disappears an dher Jersey roots tug hard. Soon Ari is back home, ducking bullets and, to her chagrin, getting rescued by a hunk in a black leather jacket. Detective Quinn Donovan takes one look at the windblown beauty-and then looks again. If this lady isn't Zoe Costas, it's someone who looks exactly like her. Suddenly, Ari's in trouble deeper than the Atlantic at high tide, and Quinn is trying to protect her without spilling his well-guarded secrets ... as déja vu just might become the love affair of a lifetime.

Imagine you live a quiet life in Vermont. The next thing you know, your quirky family manages to scare off the only potential safe suitor in your life. Then you find out your sister is missing and presumed dead. What should you do? Read Under the Boardwalk and see how Ariana Costas handles that exact set of problems.

If you love a fun love story, then you’ll fall for Carly Phillips’ novel Under the Boardwalk. Her characters are funny, smart, and totally imperfect. Ariana wants to escape the unrealities of her scheming family of con artists. She can’t accept that she’s one of them until her sister’s disappearance. Enter Quinn Donovan. He knows what happened to her sister, Zoe, but he can’t tell Ariana if her life depended on it.

My favorite scene is the argument between Connor and Maria over Ariana and Quinn. None of the four wants to admit attraction and they’d all rather argue. It’s a mirror of real life. I also loved Ariana’s insecurities. Who doesn’t have a hang-up or two?

If you want a sexy beach read, then Under the Boardwalk is the novel for you. I give this book 5 books!