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Monday, July 6, 2009

To a Foreign Shore by N.A.L. Gauthier

To a Foreign Shore by N.A.L. Gauthier
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short (115 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Prim Hannah departs from the stifling afternoon teas that symbolize her tame life, and sets on a path to adventure. Australia - and a dashing, debonair new husband will assuredly change her life.

And it all does change, adventures are about the unexpected. Young Hannah never expected the like of a Hugh Nelson, First Mate… nor the darkness of one soul she'd come to trust.

From the Themes to the Bass Strait and beyond, her life is never again tame…

Polite, obedient Johanna Wakefield had never made an important decision in her life. Now, when forced to do so, she wonders what will become of her. Changed from a newlywed, eager for adventure to an abused wife, she invites the raging sea storm to wash her overboard. She feels “like a bottle tossed in the ocean, its message lost”. Her survival skills and innate nature keep the reader totally involved as she lives with the decision she made. How she can possibly share her life and love with the man she truly loves seems out of her reach.

Hugh Nelson, an able seaman, quietly watches over Johanna. With his strong yet gentle touch and soft words, he gives Johanna courage. He and the other sailors on “The Rapid” weave a conspiracy that keeps the reader turning pages.

N.A.L. Gauthier’s use of metaphors makes To a Foreign Shore a pleasure to read. Her secondary characters accentuate the hero and heroine while showing distinct personalities of their own. She uses historical events to highlight the true conditions in which the characters must functions making it seem very real.

This short novella pulls the reader into another time and place. It lets the reader vicariously experience both traumatic and ecstatic happenings with Johanna Wakefield, a heroine that has strength and a delightful personality. Most satisfying reading.