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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simply Sensual by Carly Phillips

Simply Sensual by Carly Phillips
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (266 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Grace Montgomery had been a Good Girl Long Enough...

When P.I. Ben Callahan agreed to take the job of watching over spoiled heiress Grace Montgomery, he figured it would be easy money. Then he discovered that gorgeous Grace had a reckless streak a mile wide and was a serious threat to his libido. Ben wasn't worried about being able to keep Grace safe from outsiders. But who would protect her from Ben?

Grace Montgomery was finally free—free to find out who she was and what she wanted. And who she wanted right now was her sexy new neighbor. She planned to explore her sensual side, to shed all her inhibitions and discover what it was to be a woman—Ben's woman. Only, she hadn't known that Ben had been paid for the privilege...

She’s a trust fund baby who wants to live her own life. He’s a private investigator hired to keep her safe. Can he keep her safe and keep his hands to himself? She’s Simply Sensual and he’s in deep.

Carly Phillips writes fun, breezy novels and Simply Sensual fits the bill. This novel is fast paced and filled with unforgettable characters. The scenes are rich with details and make the reader feel involved in the story. When the couple makes love, their passion flows from the page.

Grace Montgomery yearns for the same life her brother and sister in law lives. She wants to be normal and self-sufficient. But, adding to her struggles, her grandmother, Emma wants to keep her safe. Enter PI Ben Callahan.

You can’t help but love Grace and Ben. He’s stuck between needing money to take care of his mother and never walking away from the woman who is growing on him. We all find ourselves in situations where we don’t want to make the choice, yet we have to. Ben leads with his heart. More men should act that way. Grace understands the distinction between humanity and greed. She’s innocent, but she’s not stupid. More women should take her lead and take charge of their lives.

If you want a quick, but worthy read for the beach, then I recommend Simply Sensual. I give this novel 5 books.