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Friday, July 31, 2009

A Most Lamentable Comedy by Janet Mullany

A Most Lamentable Comedy by Janet Mullany
Publisher: Little Black Dress
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (320 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Cholla

1822, England. Young, beautiful Lady Caroline Elmhurst is down on her luck. Twice-widowed (once is unfortunate, twice just looks like carelessness…), pursued by creditors, she needs to get back on track before the world realizes just how desperate she’s become.

But she’s optimistic about finding a new husband and when she meets handsome, mysterious Nicholas Congrevance at a houseparty in the country, she sets out to entice him. For his part, Nicholas simply sees Lady Caroline as just the sort of woman he’s used to exploiting–rich, available, and gullible. Neither realizes the other is penniless–and neither has any intention of falling in love…

A hysterically historical laugh-riot for sure! Just goes to show you that shallow and conniving people are not just a recent invention.

Lady Caroline Elmhurst is twice-widowed, broke, and homeless. Time to search for her next victim… errr… husband. While traveling to visit a friend, she spies Mr. Nicholas Congrevance and sets her sights. Little does she know that Congrevance himself is down on his luck and looking for a wealthy woman to set things to right once more.

From that moment on, total and complete insanity ensues. From the scheming to the lying to the fumbling attempts at romance in the garden, you are sure to laugh your socks right off your feet. Lady Caroline is a total woman of the new millennium transported back in time. She is feisty, smart-alecky, and in total and complete control of herself at all times. Congrevance is her total parallel in masculine form. He is just as witty and smart-mouthed as she is, however with a heaping helping of charm to smooth his insults over. They are certainly a pair made in heaven.

A total regency-era Bridget Jones’ Diary if I’ve ever read one. You will laugh and possibly even cry while absorbing this book whole. Even if you aren’t a fan of historicals, this is a definite must-read. I highly recommend it for anyone needing a good belly laugh.