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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free Falling by Sandy James

Free Falling: Damaged Heroes Book 2 by Sandy James
Publisher: BookStrand
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Violet

Workaholic Ross Kennedy never learned to enjoy life until he meets the woman of his dreams. If only Laurie Miller can convince him that's exactly who she is.

A psychologist with empathic abilities, Laurie rescues Ross, who has been stranded in the middle of a Montana blizzard. The two strangers are completely snowed in and out of contact. In just a few days, their attraction to each other is overwhelming, but Laurie is troubled. Her empathic gift seems to have vanished. Fascinated by his pretty rescuer, Ross struggles to open up his heart enough to let this woman in.

When the two return home to Chicago, they try to solve a mystery revolving around a Prohibition Era journal they discovered in Montana. Will they find the missing treasure the journal points to? And as a former boyfriend begins to stalk Laurie, how will Ross be able to protect her?
Ross Kennedy had always been so wrapped up in his work that he didn't have time for a real social life. When he finds himself trapped in a Montana Blizzard and having just been rescued by a complete and very sexy stranger, he is forced to take a few days off from life. No phones, no TV, no outside interference. Laurie Miller, who just happens to be a psychologist and an empath, is taking a break from her very emotionally taxing occupation. As the relationship between Ross and Laurie intensifies, so does the mystery that is whirling around them both. Will secrets, an ex boyfriend and not to mention being complete opposites hinder a relationship between the Ross and Laurie?

Free Falling is the second book in the Damaged Heroes Series and is centered around Ross, the Type A, controlling attorney who never has time for fun or anything outside of work. Ross is a complicated man who is figuring out that he has missed out on so much of life and love when he meets Laurie, the psychologist. From the beginning Ross and Laurie are attracted to each other. With her smart mouth and his need to control, the dialogue between the two is hilarious at times. Being an empath, Laurie is able to sense emotions of those that she is near, however, the one person she can't read is Ross. This leads to some very interesting scenes in the book.

The gripping plot of Free Falling fully captured my attention from the beginning and certainly made this book a page turner. I enjoyed the mysterious scenes which included Laurie having feelings around certain people and not really knowing what to do about them. The one element that set this book apart from a lot of others I have read lately is this book contained a dual romantic story line. Clues are left throughout the book which gave this book a very climactic ending.

Although Free Falling is the second book in the series, it can certainly stand on it's own. You don't have to read Murphy's Law first but it does give some hints as to Ross' character. If you would like to read all the books in this series, they are as follows: Murphy's Law (book 1), Free Falling (book 2) and All the Right Reasons (book 3). This has become a series that I will continue to read several times over. This is the third book that I have read by Sandy James and I must say that she is a favorite author of mine. Her writing and research is always well thought out and reaches out to the reader. She is certainly an author who has the reader and their interests in mind and I expect to see more exceptional work from Ms. James in the future.