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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Daughter’s Promise by Christine Clemetson

A Daughter’s Promise by Christine Clemetson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Fiction
Length: Full
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Embroiled in a bitter fight to liberate Rome during WWII, American soldier Miles Coulson is stranded on the cold beaches of Italy, alone, bleeding out, and not knowing the lay of the land. This leaves him with one choice: Live or die. Until Serene Moneto risks her family and her freedom to give him shelter. But as he recuperates, Miles finds himself fighting to liberate Serene from a life worse than any death. As the world crumbles around them, can the strength of their forbidden love be enough to win the biggest battle of all?

Clemetson’s A Daughter’s Promise easily vaults the ‘best in the book-stack’ of historical romances I have read thus far this year. Is it the setting, the characters? Lively dialogue, or the dramatic setting? Yes, yes, and more yeses: It is World War ii, Italy. Young Serene, is eager – no desperate – to help the brave young man she has discovered, perhaps mortally wounded, on the beach. Miles Coulson is courageous and handsome but is perhaps utterly out of his depth?

Through current action and discussion we get glimpses of the past of each. Serene, attached if not in love with Marcus, compares her own future to the life and loss of her father’s. Her future is devoid of hope, but she seems to wish to be resigned to it. Something in her recoils form that acceptance. Miles we quickly see is a valued member of his team.

The war comes home to Serene so quickly, so terribly personally. The death of a loved one, the discovery of the injured man, all lead to a horrible confrontation in which Serene realizes she will be the victim. Her terror leaps from the pages… but to say more would be to steal away some of the intrigue. Secrecy and danger form a backdrop, even as compassion steps to the fore. Serene is not the only one who is willing to help a stranger, and she must trust friends and family to help. Even in fear, courage comes clearly through these pages.

Details have been researched, tension and intrigue reflect war action as well as more personal trials of the main characters. So many details about this book are Just Right it’s hard to note all of them; even the book cover is simply perfect.

In A Daughter’s Promise, the brave American finds himself in the hands of, and beholden to a people who are constantly under threat from ‘the enemy.’ Serene is beautiful, sincere, and oh so not for him. The love you so desperately want them to share threatens to destroy both of them. The future promises no bright spark at all; the hope and despair and swings back to hope you feel throughout is artfully contrived by Clemetson.