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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Casey's Luck by Maggi Coleman

Casey's Luck by Maggi Coleman
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Full (162 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

When Casey Rowan finds her best friend Donald Broughton murdered and his wife Tessa unconscious, she embarks on a search for their attacker. The Devon police aren’t happy, particularly the man in charge of the investigation, DCI Roderick Carlisle.

A woman’s magazine editor, Casey uses her experience to pursue leads. She uncovers a puzzling list of artworks—and discovers she didn’t know the Broughtons as well as she thought. Desire to clear Donald’s name and find his killer drives Casey on, even when a lead takes her into the corrupt London art world. And into danger. Carlisle, caught up in the investigation, cannot protect her. His pleas for her to give up fall on deaf ears. And despite finding him extremely desirable, Casey won’t listen. The murderer must be stopped, and what she needs now is luck.

Life changed. The dependable constant in Casey’s life ended with the death of her friend Don and the serious injury to Tessa, his wife and Casey’s long-time friend. Both incidents happened while Casey slept upstairs.

She becomes aware of some things about herself, she never noticed before and finds herself facing some unsettling truths. She decides finding out who killed Don and stabbed Tessa is a must before she can move on with her life. Seemingly, oblivious to how dangerous the situation is, she uses her journalist skills to track down clues. When she runs a foul of the politically powerful and corrupt, Detective Chief Inspector Rod Carlisle of Devon and Cornwall Police tries to dissuade her; but in her heart she feels, she has to know the truth to lose the fear. Consequently, she gets into a breath-holding, menacing situation.

DCI Carlisle, a thirty-something Scot that transferred from Scotland Yards to this quiet community after his partner was killed, is thorough in his investigation but limited funds slow the process. As he methodically works the case, he and Casey seem to play a game of tag as each looks into suspect after suspect with the stakes getting higher as more facts become known. Their attraction to each other brings to life dormant emotions for both of them and creates a different type of conflict. Casey doesn’t realize how serious he is when he says, “Don’t place yourself in danger. I can’t afford another death on my conscious”.

The antagonists, with their warped way of thinking, their positions of power, and insatiable greed, are certainly worthy adversaries.

Maggi Coleman weaves together Casey’s findings, Carlisle’s findings, foreshadowing, red herrings, and the inner thoughts of Casey and Rod to create a suspense that makes Casey's Luck a compelling story that one wants to read without being interrupted until the very last page is enjoyed.

Ah yes, even Socrates, the cat, founds his happy-ever-after.