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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Better Late Than Never by Stephanie Morris

Better Late Than Never by Stephanie Morris
Publisher: Amira Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (121 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Lavender

Kristen Smith enjoys working with children and her lifelong dream of opening her own childcare center has finally come true. Everything couldn't be more perfect until her high school sweetheart walks through the front door with his son. Randy Stroud was the one that she'd never gotten over. She never understood why he ended their relationship but it was obvious that he had moved on, and she was more than willing to pretend that she had. But Randy can't let Kristen go again now that he has her back. Will he be able to convince her that it is better late than never?

Better Late than Never is a story I won’t forget. The tender romance and the lead characters, Kristen and Randy, are people worth knowing and reading about. The past meets the present, and interesting things happen.

Six years ago, Randy Stroud walked away from Kristen Smith, breaking her heart. He has a relationship with another women after that, and they have a son. His son’s mother deserts them.

Kristen, a really good, likeable woman, owns a daycare. Randy goes there to enroll his son Wade. He sees Kristen and realizes that he still has strong feelings for her. He woos her, wanting her back. Kristen is understandably hesitant at first, but the charming, sexy Randy eventually wins her over. The two are quite compatible. It’s not just about sexual chemistry, but there is real friendship between them, and Kristen is such an outstanding person, how could Randy not want to be with her?

They get to know each other again, and it’s realistic how they build their new relationship around the people they have become over the past several years. They rediscover each other over the course of many charming scenes.

The issues I had with the story had nothing to do with the plot or the characterization. This book had a lot of “telling” or reporting “after the fact.” I think the author has a gift with understanding and creating romantic relationships. I only wish she would have expanded and used her skills to write out many of the scenes she summarized, and there were a lot. However, this would have made the book quite a bit longer.

There was some repetition throughout as well. It could have been tightened up. The story was strong though, and the characters so appealing, I can say that I really enjoyed reading this story. I would recommend it for a fast read.