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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All For Love by Lora Darling

All For Love by Lora Darling
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short (37 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Azalea

French émigré, Olivier Davignon, is determined to prove himself worthy of Maisie Tindall at any cost. With Maisie's brother by his side, he becomes a highwayman in an effort to acquire enough wealth to offer for her hand. When things go awry and Olivier ends up wounded, he confesses to Maisie he has done it all for her.

Unbeknownst to Olivier, Maisie has loved him since their first meeting, but his confession leaves her doubting they can ever have a future, despite how desperately she wants to be with him. Soon, however, the choice may not be hers as Maisie's father must decide if he is willing to trust his daughter's heart to a head strong, adventurous Frenchman.

Swooning with desire and also from the sight of a nearly totally naked man has our heroine awash with indecision. This is 1800s England after all and proper young women are not supposed to see certain parts of the male anatomy or even areas close by. But Olivier’s life is at stake. Does Maisie have what it takes to save him?

When Olivier sustains a gunshot wound during an ill-fated robbery attempt and is brought to his friend Justin’s cottage, it falls upon Justin’s sister Maisie to tend to his wounds. Today one wouldn’t think twice about such a task but this is now, that was then. Maisie finds herself in even more of a predicament, however, than just stopping the bleeding and suturing the wound. There is even more embarrassment to befall her. The fact that Maisie is in love with Olivier just adds to her discomfiture. What will her parents think should they arrive home early and find Maisie in an innocent but compromising situation with Olivier?

This was a thoroughly delightful story. All the characters were likable and believable. The story was well told and moved along at a good pace and kept me interested in what will happen next.

I would read this again and recommend it for all romantics and especially for people who enjoy stories from bygone days.