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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unseelie by Meredith Holmes

Unseelie by Meredith Holmes
Publisher: Drollerie Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (402 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Cholla

The darkness tasted like bitter bark and earth, sharp berries, and cold water. I could not feel it as it came over me but I could smell it, taste it, hear it . . .

When Alfhild was a little girl, her grandmother called her a fairy princess and told her all of her favorite tales.

She’d never imagined they were real.

Anxious to avoid the swarming reporters and ghoulish souvenir hunters who won’t leave her alone when her brother Gulliver is tried and acquitted for multiple murders he almost certainly committed, a grown up Alfhild changes her name to Lorelei and flees Louisiana to the sanctuary she inherited from her grandmother, the ancestral home in England.

All is well until she wakes one morning to find a naked man in her rosebush.

Take a trip of a lifetime…into the Unseelie Court of legend! And that is exactly where Meredith Holmes takes you in this beautifully written story. Come and immerse yourself in a land out of time and play with the pixies while trying to save the Courts of the Fae from destroying one another.

Cadfael and Alfhild are two of a kind, yet polar opposites. Where Alfhild is a contemporary human, very much at ease with her place and life in the modern world, Cadfael is a fae of many hundreds of years, and it shows; often. However, despite their vast differences, they are drawn to one another by forces beyond their control and the common bond of their blood. Their attraction, as well as Alfhild’s reluctance, are both very real and endearing. It brings out so much of their inner personalities watching them deal with each obstacle.

Probably the only thing better than the hero and heroine in this story is the cast of supporting characters. Pixies abound, both helpful and not so much. Assorted faeries of both courts, a bad guy you love to hate, and a misunderstood Queen (or two!). My favorite, however, is the Cait Sidhe, Du, who is Cadfael’s best friend and right hand man. He has the total feline personality. Easy going yet arrogant and playful.

Faery tales and Celtic mythology have always been keen interests of mine and Meredith Holmes combines them both seamlessly in this one story. She does a great job of mixing the old world myths with a very contemporary heroine. An updated version of a classic story sure to please the most avid lover of the Gentry.